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Dining Room Tiles

Dining room floors must be elegant yet durable, beautiful and easy to clean. Most dining rooms get a moderate amount of foot traffic, less than kitchens and more than bedrooms. Dining chairs are moved frequently, and chair feet can damage many floor surfaces.

One can use our Forever Tiles because of its high abrasion and stain resistance property. Apart from dining room, these tiles can also be used in driveways, pathways, bedroom, kitchen and other high traffic areas.

Size Available

Tiles For Living Room Orient Living Room Tiles Bell Living Room Tiles
Wall Tiles 224*448mm, 300*600mm
600*1200mm, 300*900mm, 300*450mm
300*600mm, 300*450mm
Floor Tiles 800*800mm, 600*1200mm
600*600mm, 395*395mm

Visualise Your Dining Room With Our Dining Room Wall & Floor Tiles

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