Duazzle Elevation 250x375mm

HEM Brick Grey Multi Brick type tiles are a great option suited for both interiors and exterior spaces. A mix of dark & light grey brick colors add a natural feel to the wall. HEM Brick Stone Multi HEG Brick Stone Beige HEG Brick White HEG Brick Black 07 12 09 11 11 HEM 3D Brick Brown Build your exteriors with 3D Brick tiles for an edgy look. The elevated 3D design offers a stylish look with different patterns. HEM 3D Brick Grey Multi HEG 3D Brick Multi 08 06 13 HEM Hewn Rustic Cotto A classic tile that adds a rustic charm to your spaces. It lends a sense of nostalgia of a golden era. HEG Hewn Floral Beige 08 12 I N D E X