Sahara Double Body Tiles 600x600 mm Catalogue

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Sahara Double Body Tiles Packing Details Size Covered Area Per Carton No. of Tiles Per Carton (In mm.) ( In Sq. Mtr.) ( In Sq. Ft.) 600X600 mm (WZ) 4 1.44 15.50 As per Indian Standard (IS 15622:2017) Group B la Characteristics Standard Test Method IS 15622 Requirements OBL Norms Dimension & Surface Quality Deviation in Size (length & Width) ±0.l % ±0.l % Deviation in thickness ±5.0% ±3.0% Straightness of sides ±0.l % ±0.l % Squareness IS 13630 (Part l),2006 ±0.l % ±0.1% Surface Flatness ±0.50% ±0.2% ©© Surface Quality Min 95% tiles should be free Conform from visible defects Physical Properties Water absorption% IS 13630 (Part 2),2006 E ,;;Q.08% E ,;;Q.05% © Modulus of rupture N/mm2 IS 13630 (Part 6),2006 Avg:e:35 N/mm2 Min 38 N/mm2 © Breaking Strength N IS 13630 (Part 6),2006 Minl300 >1300 © Scratching Resistance IS l 3630 (Part 13),2006 Min 5 ;,,5 Deep Abrasion IS 13630 (Part 12),2006 140 Max 100 Max © Chemical Properties Resistance to Staining Min Class 2 Conform IS l3630 (Part 8 ),2006 Resistance to household Cheminicals Min, Class AA Conform Thermal Specifications Thermal Shock Resistance IS 13630 (Part 5),2006 10 Cycles Min Conform Thermal Expansion IS 13630 (Part 4),2006 Min, 6xl o·' at l00° C (K-') Conform Frost Resistance IS,13630 (Part 10),2006 10 Cycles Pass Conform Impact Resistance IS,13630 (Part 14),2006 0.55 minimum Conform Bulk Density (gm/cc) IS, 13630 (Part 2),2006 Min 2.2 Conform NOTE: Certain amount of Size and Shade variation is inherent in all ceramic products. Within the limits of printed material, the colors and aesthetics of the products correspond closely to those of illustrated products. Prospective customers are advised to inspect a sample of the tile before ordering and laying.At all points oftime, the company liability is restricted to the purchase value of tiles. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given. However, the company reserves the right to delete & change, any of the items, colors, sizes & technical specifications without any prior notice. �.-..1ufrt•'1"rf.i !i_S,.'iWln,'"'"••- --�� . ....... "! C ,·Yii'r,:rif; .::.·�•r.!1(1�i:..:!r1 11 EN 14411 @- . . JI II JI B U ll Listed on BSE (530365) for 20+ years. And also on NSE {ORIENTBELL).