Living Room or Hall Floor Tiles

Build your room the way you imagine with Orientbell’s range of Room Tiles. From highlighter tiles to base tiles, having a wide range of colours and designs, there is something for everyone to choose from.

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Walk on your dream floor with Orientbell floor tiles

This is not a dream too good to come true. If you have been haunted by home decor images that keep conjuring themselves up in your mind and all you can focus on are the best floor tiles that will make your home look more welcoming when you come back after a nine-hour shift at the office, you are not alone. Well, we all feel frustrated because we don’t want our boss to catch us daydreaming but can we really help these distractions? These are floor tiles we are talking about- we have to see them every day for years!

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you. The wide variety of floor tiles design Orientbell will steal your heart and your mind will suddenly feel like it has walked into a zen Buddhist retreat, all calm and impressed- not just by how quickly I-have-found-the-one moment happens but also by the affordable prices. The range that we offer is a laborious effort from our side to bring you quality, durability and affordability, all packed in one. 

Not just the 3D tiles that your child could keep rolling around on, Orientbell also has anti-skid floor tiles that could help your aging parents find more stability in their walk across the bathroom. You can also opt for ceramic ones for high-friction areas like your kitchen and bedroom. At Orientbell, there are over 500 designs- from marble to a rustic wooden finish marked at a fraction of a price that what you would expect from looking at our stunning images. 

The several types and designs that we offer you the best pick for every area of your home and office. Even for your living room- the space that is the first impression of your home- there is a wide range of floor tiles design. How about wooden-textured tiles that will give that extra warmth on a rainy evening when everyone is huddled together, playing a board game? Whether you go for full-body vitrified or glazed floor tiles or find yourself split between polished and double-charged, one common element that connects them all is the quality. Now, you might be excited to choose the floor tiles that shout out your style the best- so, go ahead and choose your favorite ones!

Here are some frequently asked questions-

How is tile flooring installed?

Installing tile flooring is not a tedious task but needs to be done by a mason with proper planning and preparation. Clean and precise installation is required for that perfect look. Proper layouts are marked before applying adhesive and tiles are cut in the needed size. Then finally, they are set following a pre-planned grid to get the correct alignment.

Where can tile flooring be installed? 

Tile flooring can be installed anywhere, from the living room, bathroom, garden area to other commercial places with high foot traffic. Floor tiles at Orientbell are engineered to fit anywhere and everywhere to enhance the beauty of the space.

How many floor tiles do I need? 

The number of floor tiles required for designing an area entirely depends on the size of the space. It is very easy to calculate the number you would need using the tile calculator

What is the average lifetime of tile flooring?

High-quality tile flooring can maintain its look and finish for years without any extra effort. If you invest in good quality flooring options like vitrified tiles that are resistant to stains and scratches, they will keep adding to the beauty of your space for decades with their perfect-looking appearance.

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