The very mention of Spain and Italy conjures up images of beachfront villas with stunning architecture, al fresco dining, some cool breeze for company and a life full of high luxury. While being on a beach might be a little difficult, you can certainly revamp your house by adding in some prominent elements, reminiscent of Spanish and Italian design. Whether you have a soft spot for a Tuscan farmhouse or you love the elegance of a Spanish home, the amalgamation of the two is sure to sweep you (and others) off their feet!


When you think of walls inspired by Italian and Spanish design, it’s only texture that comes to mind. While one can use different techniques of painting, such as sponging or even applying plaster to walls, the easiest way (and the most stunning too!) is to use wall tiles that are inspired by nature. This means go for colours such as sea blue and light sand that evokes images of a pretty beach. Discover a wide range of tiles in the choicest colours and textures at the Orient Bells Tile Boutique spread across nine cities in India – trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

You can go for mosaic patterns to decorate your walls too – the bigger the size, the more lavish it looks. There are a ton of designs you can choose from – find your pick and decorate your house in the best way possible!


Did you know low-ceiling tiles are typical of Spanish and Italian decor? Whether you plan to go for colourful, patterned tiles or muted ones, your one stop shop for all tile solutions is Orient Bell. The tiles look utterly desirable and lend an impeccable finish to your house. In fact, these were widely used in Europe for centuries, and are as popular even today. Some of them even feature geometric motifs and make the space look welcoming and unique. Add it to some great lighting and warm tones, and feel the holiday vibes right at home!


Lay a carpet of tiles on the floors and look at how your house transforms from dull to dazzling! Wooden floors are very popular in both Italian and Spanish design – you could choose to go with this option for your kitchen and bathroom. The rest of the rooms can feature tiles that are bright and vibrant, and make you feel closer to the sea. After all, variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?


A space is incomplete without incorporating the right pieces of furniture! Since you’ve already zeroed in the decor style, go for a painted cupboard or a handcrafted bench that’s typical of Tuscan living, while a sofa table with wrought iron accents is all about bringing in a touch of Spain. All in all, it’s all about blending in different pieces to make your home look fabulous.


Now that you’ve got everything in place, it’s time to start accessorising the right way. Add a large mirror in a plain brass frame for some Italian elegance, while a wrought iron chandelier is great to bring in some Spanish flair to your dining room. A tile backsplash (similar to an Oriental carpet) is great for a Spanish-style kitchen, while pottery interspersed across the house adds an Italian accent.

Keep these tips in mind and transform your house into a space you’ve always dreamt of. After all, dreams do come true!