04 Jun, 2020
No More Germs at Home with Germ-Free Technology
The recent Covid19 situation has made us aware of the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Keeping homes and other spaces clean and disinfected is not just a need of the hour but the demand of the future.
12 May, 2020
Glossy Makeover with Glossy Tiles for Your Home
Building your perfect home is much more than just buying a plot of land and constructing a house. It takes a ton of love and commitment. We spend hours and hours choosing just the perfect spot, hunting for the right furniture.
20 Apr, 2020
Utilize Lockdown 2.0 to get inspired from the best Design Accounts on the Internet
Staying home and safe with our families should be our top priority in these trying times. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak the lockdown has been extended for another 19 days.
17 Apr, 2020
Replace Kota stone with Orientbell’s Sahara P Kota Green to make your space a Statement Piece
Tiles are an inimitable part of our lives. Usually, we do not pay much attention to the floors and walls of our spaces, but once you need to transform your home or office into an Eden, one of the first things one looks for is tiling options.
28 Nov, 2019
A House Inspired by the Elegance of Spain and Italy
The very mention of Spain and Italy conjures up images of beachfront villas with stunning architecture, al fresco dining, some cool breeze for company and a life full of high luxury. While being on a beach might be a little difficult, you can certainly revamp your house by adding in some prominent elements, reminiscent of Spanish and Italian design.
28 Nov, 2019
How to make your bathroom look bigger and better
It's a dream for most of us to own a spacious, luxurious bathroom with a massive bathtub, a separate shower panel and the most stunning accessories. Whether you live that dream or not, you can certainly decorate your bathroom in ways that’ll make it look bigger and better!
23 Feb, 2019
5 Trendy Tile Ideas for Your Home
The time to start afresh is here! While we leave despairs behind, we also need to make room for some more triumph and bliss. The new year has finally arrived and so has the opportunity of extending, improving and redecorating your household. Renovation does not burn a hole in your pocket, but rather adds value to your home and lifestyle.

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We all need to breathe some fresh air every now and then. We need a few places in our household that help us unwind, contemplate and recreate ourselves. It is essential that only the best of flooring material is equipped in that space. Not to mention that they will receive highest footfalls amongst all the areas of your household.
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