Looking to buy tiles at CERSAIE 2019? Here is why you should consider buying tiles from India:

1. Consider buying Tiles from India as the Tile industry here is witnessing a constant growth at the rate of 15% annually. It has bagged a place for itself in the top 3 countries in terms of total tile production in countries across the globe.

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2. The leading manufacturers in India manufacture a wide variety of tile types, such as; Ceramic, Vitrified, Double charge, Nano, Digital tiles among other patterns. The variety and offerings are huge so chances are all your requirements can be met from a single tile vendor.

3. Tile prices offered in India are comparatively competitive to what is offered in other parts of the world. The products are manufactured in all kinds of qualities and quantities and many reports suggest that buying tiles from India costs them much lesser to the rest of the world.

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4. Orientbell’s continuous drive for excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us respect and admiration, along with accreditations’: ISO 9001, ISO 14001. Over 3 continents and over 20 countries trust our products.

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