28 Jan, 2021
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Color me Canto - Add Colors to Your Floor

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul” ~Wassily Kandinsky

Choosing a tile is not an easy task at all. It is not every day that one sets out to select tiles. A lot of thought, a lot of research, and consequently a lot of time goes into selecting the perfect tile for any spac

People normally think twice before choosing a color for their tiling needs. There are a lot of “what ifs” while deciding on the right color. What if the color fades? What if the color doesn’t go with the tone that I want to set for this space? What if the color turns out to be too bold for this space? What if we get bored with this color? But one of the biggest dilemmas that we face while choosing the color is whether it will last long and not go out of trend within a couple of years. 

Orientbell brings to you a one-stop solution to this age-old dilemma by introducing the Canto series of tiles. This series redefines color. Canto series brings a lot more to your decor than just beautiful tiles. The Canto series consists of double charged tiles which are designed for the new generation and to cater to all their aesthetic needs. Canto series comes with a plethora of colors that won’t let your space go out of trend. The colors add a certain degree of subtlety and class to the decor while keeping it fresh and vibrant as ever. 

These tiles are a perfect choice as it gives you the best solution to all your tiling needs. Canto series is one of the most durable and long-lasting tiles. These tiles require very low maintenance and come with a promise of longevity. They mostly come in the size of 600x600 mm with some shades available in 800x800mm and 600x1200mm as well. These tiles are value for money and that is why they are one of the most favorite series of tiles among consumers in the contemporary market. Here are some of the most popular and highly recommended colors from this series:

NU Canto Ash

NU Canto Ash comes in a granite finish. This beautiful and glossy grey color tile is designed for elegant households who are interested in minimalist design. It adds a class and exuberance to whichever decor it is installed in. These tiles can be accessorized well and can be accentuated using suitable furniture and furnishings

Canto Azul

The cool blue Canto Azul is a color that will sooth you down. Canto Azul is a welcoming color with a glossy finish that will instantly make your guests feel at home. The cool water shade is perfect for living areas, places with large seating arrangements, waiting rooms, hospital lobbies and other living areas.

Canto Almond

Canto almond is one of our most popular products in this series. This tile comes in a unique color which calms the surrounding, is attractive and helps the decor up its game by a notch. It is a digital, double charged vitrified tile that solves all your flooring needs.  

Canto Red

Canto red is a shade for those who want to make a statement. An earthy shade of red, Canto Red brings out the classic in you. The glossy finish on the tile adds shimmer to the look. Mix n match this shade with a lighter colored tile or simply use it as it is if you want to make a bold statement. With subtle furnishing and furniture, this one can make a mark for itself instantly.

Canto Choco

Chocolate color is a fast catching trend in 2021. The color looks elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious at the same time. The glossy finish on this tile will make your space stand out. The color and quality of tiles look great in both residential as well as commercial complexes.

Canto Green 

Canto Green is a timeless shade that will never go out of style and fashion. The black and white grains make it unique and it can be used in commercial as well as residential spaces. The glossy finish of this tile can be combined with requisite furniture and furnishing to give any space a stunning look. 

Canto Carbon

If someone tells you that nothing is forever, show that person our Canto Carbon. The color, topped with a granite finish makes you feel that it’ll stay forever. The tile has the power to make any ordinary furnishing look extraordinary. Canto Carbon has the power to change the decor and style of any space in which they are used.   

Canto colors enlivens any space in which they are installed. Choosing a color while designing a space is not an easy task, but you can simplify this process with the Canto Series of Orientbell. The series offers a wide range of near-perfect colors which can be used in various permutations and combinations. 


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