03 Jun, 2021
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Expert Speak: “QuickLook by Orientbell Tiles is all set to revolutionize tile buying in India”


When renovating a home, it is essential to select the right tiles because they play a key role in determining the overall look of the interiors. However, with a multitude of tile options available in the market, shortlisting the perfect tiles can become very confusing.

Therefore with a drive for innovation and an aim to make the tile selection process easier, Orientbell Tiles has launched QuickLook which can enable smooth selection of tiles within a minimum span of time. This tool is specially designed for architects, interior designers and customers so that they can eliminate confusion by visualising various tile combinations in a virtual room before finalising the tiles.

We interviewed Architects and Interior Designers across the country to find out how has the QuickLook helped them in solving problems which usually arise during the tile selection process.    

"The QuickLook tool is very efficient because it generates professional 3D views of the proposed tile selection with the actual tile images. Since our clients find it difficult to visualise the overall look of different tile combinations, beautifully rendered images by the QuickLook tool helps us in solving this issue”,   says Pune based interior designer Khyati Dhoka - founder of Kreative Interiors.  Additionally “The QuickLook tool helps our clients to experience the ambience of their home by opting for different floor and wall tiles”, adds Chandigarh based architect Jasbir Kaur. 

QuickLook lets customers choose tiles for their desired spaces and generates high-quality 3D options. But what is interesting to note here is that the software doesn’t generate just one design, it shows atleast 3-4 designs of each space with tiles laid in various patterns and styles to help you visualise reducing the workload of architects and designers who use to make 3Ds and render outputs just to have their clients visualize.

“When going through the conventional method of tile selection, we take at least 4 days for completing the finalisation of tiles because most clients prefer to survey tiles at various showrooms.  In such a scenario, the QuickLook has been instrumental in saving time because once the clients gets to see the 3D rendered views of their selection, they immediately finalise the tiles” says  Pune based interior designer Abhay Ghatage.

Since the software is available with Orientbell Channel Partners and company’s signature outlets, the in-house staff will assist you make the best use of the software by generating multiple design options, send you catalogue by text or even helping you book order.

“The in-house team at the Orientbell Tiles is highly efficient because the moment we select our tiles, the QuickLook tool is used to prepare 3D views. Hence we can easily judge our selection and pick our tiles without wasting time.” adds Kaur. 

Over 10 Lakh designs have been generated using QuickLook with thousands of happy customers selecting tiles using the software making the process of buying tile not just an easy one but also efficient. Architects, builders and designers who work on multiple projects recommend this software as it not only helps in saving time but generates a quote, number of boxes of tile needed for their spaces and getting quick approvals through digital catalogues of the designs created.

“Since customer service is the driving force of Orientbell tiles, sometimes the back-end team goes a step further in preparing and mailing the 3D views as per our requirements even after we have left the showroom”, says Dhoka. Therefore “an extraordinary combination of digital technology, human effort and relentless commitment has transformed our tile buying journey at Orientbell Tiles into a seamless experience”, concludes Kaur.

QuickLook is now available at your nearest Orientbell dealer and its Signature Company Outlets, do walk-in today to experience the magic of technology that is now making the process of selecting tiles easier than ever.




Mannika Mitra

Mannika Mitra is an Arts Graduate from the Delhi University & a Post-Graduate Diploma holder in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has worked as a digital producer with new agency; ANI, NDTV & Hindustan Times before joining Orientbell Tiles as a part of their digital and content marketing team. Her interest in interior design and knowledge of tiles comes from her family of architects and Tile Shop owners. In her quest to write useful blogs that help users pick the right tiles and renovation inspiration, she frequently does research with architects, tile dealers among others. Apart from writing content for the website she loves to travel, know about various cultures and binge watch on OTT platforms.


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