A space is only as functional as you make it. When it comes to property, be it residential or commercial, your vision is the stepping-stone to making it functional, beautiful, and perfect for the house owners. Some of the questions you might hear people ask before buying spaces are as follows. 

How long has the space been on market?

Let’s face it, if the home or office building that you are eying has been up for sale for too long, it might be time to do some research and dig in deeper. Yes, magical deals don’t just happen without a reason. 

It could be anything- the safety of the neighborhood that got under question last month or a certain outbreak of infection or faulty wiring that runs behind the premises- something that you cannot really know before you start living there. Choosing the right space can save a lot of money and resources. It can also save you from the nightmare of waking up in a home that is just not working out for you or going to an office every day and not liking what you see. 

India is a big country with a varied climate system. The seasonal changes bring with them great fluctuations in weather and temperature. This affects the building materials as well as the properties. The material and tiles used, thus, plays an important role in the decision. 

What are the interiors like? 

Before you settle on a space, you should do a thorough check on the interiors of the place. After all, that is going to be the main living area! Before you buy or sell, there are some key places you should tick off. One thing everyone should check is the paint. The paint plays an important role in the making of the house. Usually homes use antibacterial paints to keep the place neat and clean–you should make sure you have a space that is using antibacterial paint as well. Also, check if the paint has been reapplied in the last five years. This will make your job later much easier!

When it comes to paints, you should not neglect the walls. The walls are important parts of the space, and you should poke around to make sure there are no seepage problems, weak walls, and crumbling anywhere. What is also important as we talk about walls is that the tiling is in place. For all those spaces that have wall tiles, it is good to check the condition and durability of the same. 

What is the hygiene situation?

Cleanliness is one of the most important things when it comes to choosing a space. Not only the actual interiors, make sure you check the exteriors and surroundings as well. It is important to carefully choose the area where you buy your space. Make sure it is in an area with well-developed and clean surroundings, which will lead to better hygiene within the house itself.

Within the house, you should check the drainage system and the tile situation. If the tiles are old and moldy, make sure you get them changed or regrouted. Another thing that you should check and also remember for the next remodelling of your home is that tiles for bathroom floors and walls are a great way to keep the bacteria and dampness away. You should also make sure that there are no problems when it comes to drainage because that is a big contributor to the sanitation of the space and its surroundings.

How is the house built?

Any good building has strong foundations, and that is what makes it stand tall and strong for so long. Similarly, any functional and accessible space should have great interior foundations to make it last. When you are buying a home or office, you should make sure you understand the building blocks of the space you are going to use. One of the most important components of a home or office is the tiles. The tiles make up the flooring, the kitchen spaces, bathrooms, porches, balconies, and walls as well! Because of the importance of tiles in choosing the perfect home, you must opt for the best tiling options for your budget and needs.

Orientbell offers some great tiling solutions for every pocket. To make your space aesthetically and functionally supreme, you can choose between thousands of different tiling options, from ceramics and porcelain to wood tiles and granite, to make your space the best version of your dreams. One of the most valuable tiling options these days is Orientbell’s Germ-free range which offers tiles that repel bacteria, fungi, and microbes, making them perfect for homes, hospitals, clinics, and offices. With an antimicrobial glaze, these tiles are available in several beautiful patterns, colors, and designs, which makes it a simple task to plan the perfect space for your needs! Orientbell can make any glossy tile germ-free on an order basis, so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for sustainability. 

Also check the drainage and electric systems in the space before making a decision. These are the building blocks of any good space and you should make sure you don’t end up with faulty systems that will have to be fixed later!

What’s the flooring like?

Flooring becomes a major point when it comes to spaces. For instance, if there is wooden flooring, there are some important questions that one has to ask. One of the main ones is about bugs. If there are termites in the wooden flooring, not only does that make the structure vulnerable, it also means that the attachments of the house, like the cabinets, cupboards, and more, are also likely to have termites and woodworms.

Another important thing to check would be what kind of tiles the kitchen or the bathrooms have. You should check for anti-skid tiles to make sure that space is a perfect and functional one. As mentioned in the previous point, germfree tiles are a wonderful idea to kill 99% of the germs that come in contact with them- it is time to bid adieu to viruses and bacterias!

Not only are these tiles important for keeping the house clean, but they are also extremely durable and long-lasting, making your home the same. Easy to clean and maintain, Orientbell tiling can give your space a new meaning, which is the foundation of a healthy and happy space. This is also something that people are frequently asking- healthier lifestyles in healthier spaces are today’s way of life, after all!