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Ideas To Create a Paver Patio For Your Backyard Retreat

Do you know a patio is one space that has the potential to change the vibe of your house? Get it transformed because this area can be a spot where you can have parties with your friends, relax, have fun, make play areas for your kids, and more. You can incorporate paver patios in this space because they’re durable and easy to maintain. 

In this blog, we will see how to create a perfect backyard with amazing ideas for your paver patio. We’ll cover everything from choosing the right paver designs to incorporating stunning patterns and lighting. We’ll even explore how to turn your patio into the perfect party space or add a water feature that will capture everyone’s attention. When it comes to choosing your pavers, the best choice is Orientbell Tiles. They offer a wide selection of high-quality pavers to bring your dream patio to life. Let’s get started on turning this space into a personalised haven!

But with all the different types of pavers out there, choosing the right one can be confusing. So let’s understand them:

Concrete Pavers 

  • These design pavers are durable, affordable & perfect for high-traffic areas. 
  • But they fade over time, and with temperature rises, they can crack. 
  • If you live in a hot area, go for lighter-coloured pavers as they reflect the sun’s heat.

Brick Pavers 

  • Provide a classic look for a timeless feel for your patio. 
  • They’re tough and you can enjoy them in your backyards for many years. 
  • Expensive than concrete. Also, they come in a limited range of colours and need a bit more maintenance.

Natural Stone Pavers 

  • For those with a High budget, this option is the best. 
  • Most luxurious design paver, extremely strong, and can handle heavy loads and harsh weather conditions. 
  • Expensive than concrete or brick pavers, and you have to get professional help to install them.

Tiles Pavers

Creating a beautiful patio involves choosing the right patterns and designs. Here are some ideas to inspire you, along with examples of Orientbell tiles that work perfectly for each style.

Have you seen classic patterns like herringbone, geometrical stone, and interlocking pavers on Orientbell Tiles? They never go out of style. You can go with them, as they add a traditional and elegant touch to your patio.

  • Herringbone Pattern:

This pattern looks like a zigzag and adds a rustic look to your patio. For modern outdoor floor tiles, you can add OPV Herringbone Stone Cotto to your space and pair it with OPV Herringbone Stone Beige to get exactly this classic look. You can also go with OPV 3D Herringbone Stone Grey. The grey colour and matte finish along with the ceramic body ensures that you have amazing quality with trending design. 

  • Basket Weave Pattern: 

Extremely elegant, basket weave in OPV Basket Weave Beige Multi looks classic with a matte finish on them. Check out the OPV Basket Weave Grey Multi as well for the timeless grey weave design.

  • Diagonal strips 

They are simple and timeless designs and are a great option if you are looking for modern outdoor floor tiles. Orientbell Tiles’ HRP 2×2 Diagonals Cotto in beige and brick red pattern beautifully enhances your space. The double shade and geometric design give the area a modern and sleek look. You can also consider HRP Dual Diagonals Black&White   for modern geometric designs. These styles use clean lines and unique shapes to create a sophisticated patio.

  • Geometric Shapes 

You can arrange tiles of different shapes to give a modern vibe. Orientbell Tiles offers TL Geometric Grey, TL Geometric Beige, HRP Geometric Stone Multi and many stylish options in this category. The geometric black-and-white pattern gives a sleek look to the area.

  • Pattern Art

Beautiful floral designs in tl-portugese-mosaic-art-multi, make the patio look modern and organised. Orientbell Tiles tl-moroccan-art-black-white and tl-cobblestone-rangoli-multi are great for achieving this contemporary look.

Designing different zones on your patio can make it more functional and enjoyable. Here are some ideas for creating various zones:

Party Space For Party People!

Decorate with colourful lights, set up comfy chairs and a table for drinks and snacks, and leave plenty of space for walking and dancing. Use durable and stylish pavers like Orientbell Tiles’ TL Cobblestone Cotto to create a vibrant and easy-to-clean space.

  • Cozy and Chill Zone

This place is perfect for when you are tired and want peace by your side. It may also be when you want to have personal time with your loved ones for some serious conversation. Add a few comfy couches, pillows, and similar items. Don’t miss out on plants. You can add as many as you want, regardless of the size, for a calming vibe. Orientbell Tiles HRP Plank Rustic Beige can add a warm and rustic touch, making it feel like a true retreat.

  • Outdoor Kitchen for Foodies

Turn part of your patio into a dream outdoor kitchen! This could be a simple grill area or even an outdoor kitchen with a counter and sink. This is a simpler option, perfect for grilling burgers, hot dogs, and all your favourite BBQ classics. All you need is a good-quality grill, a folding table, and some prep space. Choose strong and heat-resistant pavers like OPV Herringbone Stone Multi which gives a modern patterned look with its design.

  • Water feature

They are the secret elements that add magic to your patio! No matter if you have a big or even a small patio—there’s a water feature out there for every patio size!

Enhance the peace and calmness with some tips:

  • Small Patio: No worries! Go for a wall-mounted water feature or a small fountain. These take up less space and do the job perfectly by providing the soothing sound of running water.

  • Large Patio: This is your blank canvas. Paint it as you want. You can go bigger with a pond, a waterfall, or any similar stuff and such larger water features can become the centrepiece of your patio. A well-kept koi pond is also a great idea because it looks stunning and gives a peaceful home to pretty fish. Don’t forget to add lights! Put colourful lights under the water for a magical glow at night. This makes your patio feel extra special, especially for evening get-togethers.

As much as they are for fun, patios are also for days when you feel low and want something to brighten up your mood. In that case, lighting is the secret method to transform your mood and your backyard without breaking the bank! Here are some easy and affordable lighting ideas:

  • Twinkle Time: Get some fairy lights and string lights, as they are your best friends for a magical touch. Look for them at electric stores or discount retailers and they come in different styles and are affordable.
  • Candle Power: A budget-friendly option for a warm glow. Place them in decorative holders or mason jars for a touch of rustic charm. Calling all romantics! Light some candles or lanterns and watch your patio turn into a super romantic spot. Enjoy your dinner with the love of your life or enjoy a drink with your friend under the stars. It all sounds like a dream!
  • Got a cool plant or a pretty decoration? Point a spotlight at it! This makes them look extra special and adds some depth to your patio, kind of like a 3D picture.
  • Pathway Lights

Place little lights along the walkways with landscape pavers. This makes your patio look cute and helps everyone walk around safely, especially at night. Consider getting smart lights that you can control with your phone. These lights let you turn them on and off or change their brightness without getting up. It’s an easy way to make your patio look awesome without a lot of work.


Transforming your backyard with paver designs, and modern outdoor floor tiles can be a fun and relaxing escape. So, choose the right pavers design, get creative with pattern tiles from Orientbell Tiles, and design different areas for partying, chilling, or cooking. Add water features for peace and lighting for magic. And with some planning, your patio will become the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy all year! 

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