The whole world is currently on standstill which is making rounds around the globe! Businesses have stopped and people are quarantined at home to stop the spread. You might be getting bored while sitting at home for so long, but don’t despair because there are many things to be done with all this time in our hands! 

Work from home is a unique opportunity that allows us to take a moment out of the fast pace of our lives and do things that we usually never think of doing. Here are some things you can do this month from home:


People are being asked not to leave their houses and community spaces are being shut down. This means no gyms! Don’t let these trying times bring you down, though. Take some time out for yourself and keep healthy!

Bring out your yoga mat and dust off the grip on top. Take the floor and do some basic exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy. Many influencers and YouTubers are uploading videos and how-to manuals on keeping healthy when in lockdown. Take some time out to surf the net and find the exercises that you resonate with!

Play board Games

Remember the days when we used to play ludo and snakes and ladders as children? A lot of us grew up with board games, but sadly with our hectic lives, those have almost disappeared! There are lots of board games available in the market, and even though we can’t go out at the moment, almost all of us have at least one old board game hiding away in the corners of the house, be it chess or carrom. 

This summer, as the weather gets warmer, relax on the cool floor with your family and play some games with your siblings. Not only will this help you spend some time, but it will also bring you closer to your family and give you that much-needed time to bond.

Take Time Out To Talk

In this fast-moving world, we don’t have the time to talk to our children, our parents, and the rest of our families. Work has become life and home is just another stop in the rat race to get ahead. With the coronavirus keeping us all at home, this is the golden opportunity to take some time out for our loved ones. 

Take some time out to talk to your family about mundane and important things. Talk about school, life under this new way of living, and about the office life. Communication bridges all gaps, and this is the perfect time to build the bridges you have been too busy to build over the past few years! Video call your relatives and friends and check up on them too. With an abundance of time, you can spare a few moments to chat with those who mean a lot to you and your family!

Play with the kids

None of us are used to sitting at home for such long periods. While there are a lot of things to be done, make sure that you take care of the people around you as well! Children may get bored inside as they are used to going out to play in the neighborhood. Given that this is no longer an option, you can couple two birds and alleviate your own boredom by playing with the kids in your family. 

Most houses have been completely disinfected and turned into safe havens for families. Take to the floor and spend some time off the work-desk! Join the young ones in your house, including your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews in some fun activities as they run around the house! Play a board game, make a blanket fort on the germ-free tiles in the living room, or take a few moments out to read a book. It is good to leave behind all our adult worries and become children once in a while.

Be artistic

Paint something. Be artistic. Create. A lot of people don’t feel like waking up in the morning after a few days in isolation. Don’t let the quarantine get to you. Find new things to do every day! The internet is a great place to find exciting things to learn from. You can learn how to knit, sew, or make puppets! Use old socks and put on a show for the whole family!

Take to the floor with your paints and paper and make sure you don’t let your mind stagnate. Learn how to use colors and pencils and make sure you are keeping yourself active and one the move. It is important to not let the coronavirus bring you down!

Keep busy

There is no doubt that such isolation has its way to mess with us. Many of us feel quite bored after a few days within the house. If you feel like going out, find a new activity to keep you engaged. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. Finish the crossword in the newspaper. Learn a dance move–the most important thing to do is to keep evolving. 

There is a lot you can do to keep busy. There are new shows on the internet, and you can access hundreds of books online. Not only can you find instructional videos and fun programs to keep your interest-levels high, but you can also learn new things online. Learn a new language, spend some time on Wikipedia, and look up those need-to-know things you have been wondering about for a long time. The difference between ceramic and porcelain, how to install a wall tile, why do people prefer wooden floors? You can find everything you need on the internet!

Don’t let the coronavirus get the better of you. Keep healthy and active, and take the time to actually connect with your family and friends.