Cersaie 2019 happens to be the mecca for Tile exhibitors across the globe. While you will walk around from hall to hall let us take you through 5 trends you should lookout

Oversized Glossy Slabs

Oversized Tiles is something you should totally look out for if you are a buyer. This trend is here to stay, oversized slabs make a place looks bigger and glamorous. Best fit for your medium and large scale projects. Ceramic and Porcelain floor tiles are strong, shiny and adorns elegance. Available in number shades and colours, it is catching up to become ‘the trend’ this season.

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Vintage Sanitaryware

Old is gold and if that gold comes from the Victorian era then it is something to certainly cherish. Victorian taps, faucets and bathroom sanitaryware is back in trend and CERSAIE 2019 will have variety like never before. Check out for stalls that will get you the best finish, possibly in rose gold and various shades of gold.

Luxury meets Utility

CERSAIE is your ground if you are looking for dreamy tile patterns, luxurious fixtures and bespoke services. CERSAIE 2019 is bigger and better, so has the brands it hosts. Meet luxurious fixture brands, bespoke ceramic services all ready to showcase the best they can offer.

Tiles to Create Accent Walls

Gone are the days when tiles were a utility; ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are now beautifying spaces like never before. Look out for tiles that make for great accent walls and provide your spaces, especially living rooms, ballrooms, reception area a place where people want to be.

Digital tilesstylized patterngeometric patterns make for a great accent wall. Why not contact here for an appointment and skip crowded stalls and building up queues?

Be part of ‘open CERSAIE’

CERSAIE has adopted a new image this year – Open CERSAIE, the concept adopts a new exhibition concept which focusses on new product ranges and creating conversations. The exhibition this year includes a wide curation of programs. The program is exclusively curated for international architects, buyers and will include a number of lifestyle and design meetings hosted at the Press café.

Orientbell Tiles; one of India’s most trusted tile brands, and is attending CERSAIE 2019 if you are looking for premium tiles at competitive prices, our Chief Sales Officer; Mr Pinaki Nandy would love to meet you over a cappuccino. Simply click here to book an appointment – https://bit.ly/2kWBNPI