This time has come as an opportunity and a blessing. Opportunity because you have more time to achieve what you wanted to in the first phase and a blessing because we live in times where we have access to the internet.

We know you have an itch to go back to your favorite job – designing spaces and buildings but how about using this time to learn from the best available on the internet.

The internet is full of design inspirations from across the globe and we just got 5 best for you:

1. Architecture Hunter

Contemporary, sophisticated designs from this Instagram account is goals for those who love to keep their designs minimalist. 

2. ArchDaily

ArchDaily is claimed to be ‘the world’s most visited architecture website’ is not just popular among the architect community but among home décor and interior enthusiasts. 

3. Ihavethingforfloors

Just like us, this Instagram handle loves floors too. Pretty floors tiled in the most creative or colourful way possible. This is for every architect who wants to sway its clients off their floors. 

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4. aamir_hameeda

The Hyderabad based interior designer pair have an eye for detail. Featured in some of the popular publications in India the duo has designed contemporary-looking restaurants to traditional mansions. There is so much to learn about the material, design and details from these two.

5. greenarchitecturenow

Sustainable living is the need of the hour, with global warming and the world being affected by so many environmental adversities it is time the world take sustainable living as a way of life.

greenarchitecturenow is your go-to if you want to know more about designs sustainably.

How about you let us know some of the social media accounts you follow to get your daily dose of design inspirations. What would be even better would be to have you drop your social media handles in the comment section. We would love to check you out!