Inspire GVT Tiles Catalog

Orienbell floor tiles catalog is a very handy collection of designs, colors, tile sizes, and patterns, which licenses you to alter your spaces hassle-free. The range of tiles is tremendous and broad, with larger sizes capturing the market and catching up with the trend.


600*1200mm in tiles is one of the most popular sizes among both residential and commercial space owners as it makes the space looks bigger and lesser grout lines enable tiles to stand out.


To help you with finding what you are looking for, this tile catalog is detached into different fragments that contain tile sizes giving you ease on imagining your floor spaces and picking your style. This Orientbell floor tile Catalog will enable you with a piled-up collection with the appropriate designs and shade plans, like a guide, you obviously would be keeping it close by while restoring your fantasy home.


The PDF format lets you choose tiles without having to flip through heavy books and pages to make the choice. It is right in your pocket, in your mobile phone or on your laptop. Ans what’s the bonus?


You can even visualize your spaces from the comfort of your home and make a perfect choice for your floors


Variable tile sizes in the tiles pdf consists of exquisite floor tilesfor your spaces. The clear design of tiles, regardless, 600-1200 mm in width or length, can cause space to have all the compliment of being more noteworthy and are presently viewed as incredible for floors. They can give a phenomenal tastefulness to standard homes. There are fewer grout lines, so they bring about any space to feel more open and clean. By introducing 600*1200mm tile, you can add additional enthusiasm to your floors.


The definite design of tiles, 600mm in width or length, can make space appear to be greater and are now considered great for floors. They can give an ever-enduring, extraordinary classiness to standard homes. There are fewer grout lines, so they cause any space to feel more open and clean.


You may require tiles for your living area or commercial, hotel lobbies or living rooms this floor tiles catalog pdf in your one-stop destination for all your flooring needs, be it aesthetic or functional.


The Orientbell Tiles Catalugue carries tiles in various designs like marble, cement and all category of tiles be it; ceramic, porcelain or vitrified.


The Tile Brochure can now be viewed on your phone, desktop or ipad and can be shared using messaging services. The floor tile pdf is easy to share and can help in quick decision making.


This is especially useful for Architects, Interior Designers or contractors who have to get approvals from their client. They can simply refer to the tiles pdf and shorlist their favorites without being sent hardcopies of the catalog.


Apart from the cataloge Orientbell Tiles also offer industry-first visulaisation tools and services to make your tile selection process easier than ever.