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What is Germ Free Tile?

Germ Free Tile is an innovative product from Orient Bell Ltd, using a specially formulated glaze with antimicrobial treatment. We produce GFT with NANO particles of borates, Zinc and Magnesium ions embedded in glaze. These Silver/zinc/MgO nano particles, when comes in contact with bacteria and fungus destroy cellular metabolism and inhibits multiple growth of those bacteria and fungi which cause infection. This technology in tiles kills more than 99.5 percent disease causing bacteria. GFT is more suitable for Hospitals, Food industries and Schools etc.

Why warpage (undulation) do exists in ceramic fired tiles. Is it possible to Produce all tiles with same Curvature?

Warpage is the curvature on the face a tile which can be Convex or Concave in shape. Variance in warpage leads to Undulation. Undulation is a condition where one edge of tiles is higher than adjoining tiles results uneven appearance. It is due to changes that occur in the tile during the intense firing & cooling process of production. Glaze is more stable in compression, therefore, +ve curvature is desirable in tiles. Lippage/ undulation become visible when the tiles are laid without spacers. By the use of required spacers, the lippage effect may be nullified. Bigger the size of tiles more will be tendency of warpage.
Therefore, we always recommend use of spacer during tiles laying.

What is difference between Polished Tiles & Glazed Tiles?

Polished tiles give more aesthetic appeal as compared to Glazed tiles. Polished tiles have softer surface as compared to Glazed tiles due to grinding of surface layer. Polished tiles having lesser scratch resistance, Lesser surface abrasion & more stain absorbing tendency as compared to glazed tiles. Remaining technical parameter like W.A. & MOR would remain same for both.

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