Tile Care – Regular cleaning Tips

  • Clean & sweep your tiles regularly
  • Vacuuming is a great way to clean the tiles
  • If you ever need to use a stronger cleaner make sure it is natural e.g., Non-acidic & non alkaline
  • Scrub tiles with nylon scrub pad, do not use steel wool pads which scratch or damage the surface of your tiles

Heavy Duty Cleaning

  • For high traffic areas or when tile has been neglected for a long time, heavy-duty cleaning may be required. Glazed walls and counter tops should be cleaned with a scouring powder, commercial tile cleaner or all-purpose cleaner applied with non-metallic or very fine stainless steel pad. Rinse and wipe dry.
  • To clean badly soiled counter tops, cover with a solution of scouring powder and very hot water. Let stand for about five minutes and then scrub with a stiff brush. Rinse thoroughly. If stain remains, apply bleach and let stand. Rinse well with clean water and dry after all cleaning.
  • For glazed floors, use a commercial tile cleaner, or apply a strong solution of all-purpose cleaner of scouring powder paste. Let stand five minutes, brush and scrub. Then rinse with clean water and wipe dry.
  • Use chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide for stained shower surfaces. If badly stained, it’s best to try a scouring powder containing a bleaching agent, such as Ajax or Comet. Let stand for four to six hours before scrubbing and rinsing thoroughly.
  • Remember, prompt clean-up of spills and regular cleaning will keep your ceramic tile surfaces looking their best.

DO’s and DON’Ts of Ceramic Tile Care

  • Use good mats at doorways to keep sand out which may scratch the tiles.
  • Use buffers under furniture, helps avoiding damage of surface of the tiles.
  • Do test scouring pads in a small area first
  • Do use a silicone sealer on grout joints if continuous staining is a problem.
  • Do not combine ammonia and household bleaches.
  • Do not use acid based cleaner. They can affect the color of tiles as well as grouts
  • Do not use pure vinegar which is acid.

Important to remember

  • Variation in Shades & pattern is a natural feature of ceramics; therefore you are advised to purchase sufficient tiles at one time to complete the job.
  • Mix the tiles from various packs to give a pleasing blend of colour before laying.
  • Size &shade variation are inherent in all fired ceramic products. Check the tiles & ensure for matching shade & sizes before laying.
  • Please select quality of tiles according to usage area
  • Complaints about defective tiles will not be entertained, once tiles are laid.

It is necessary to apply GOOD WORKMANSHIP and SUPERVISION for perfect & satisfactory tiles laying

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