Ms. Tanuja Joshi

Non-Executive & Independent Director

Ms. Tanuja Joshi has been the Managing Director of Venu Eye Institute for nearly two decades. She joined the Institute in 1988 as Joint Director, when its founding father Dr. R. K. Seth, in its incipient stage, was charting out its vision wanting someone to steer it in the right direction. In Ms. Tanuja Joshi, he found the required zeal, motivation, compassion and the leadership qualities needed to create a niche for the Institute – an Eye Institute unparallel in professionalism, charity, outlook and most importantly ‘care’ for those who entered its portals. Ms. Tanuja Joshi not only steered the Institute rightly but charted out a much greater role for it in Society and being at its helm for nearly two decades came to be known as the ‘Face’ of Venu. She imbibed in the Institute her very own characteristics of undying commitment to the cause, professionalism to back the claim and above all the requisite care and compassion. Her leadership qualities have come to the fore not only in creating an Institute of Excellence but also in her role as the President of the Eye Bank Association of India in the period 2002-2006, wherein she handled the contentious issues with great elan, earning her the accolades of all stakeholders. She is the Founder President of the Community Ophthalmology Society of India, a forum for organizations and individuals working in the field of community ophthalmology. It was constituted in the year 2006 with the aim to promote comprehensive and quality eye care at the primary level through participation of eye care agencies and community level workers. She represents Venu on the Board of the India Chapter of Vision 2020-The Right to Sight, a global network of international and national eye care organizations.

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