At OrientBell, we believe that a new era of everything and anything can be initiated not only from the human mind but also from the sourcing of THE TEAM, THE CONSUMERS & THE SURROUNDINGS. To develop products that appeal the masses, we direct our energy not only on perfecting the imperfect but also on persevering the creativity which allows us to bring products that are not only beautiful but also the ones that live up to our name and trust.


The sea that separates us from our competitors is the sea of knowledge and research. We utilize the technological advancements to fund our nerd persona to create products that are impeccable, unique and state-of-the-art. The rush comes from our belief to provide trusted, long-lasting and beneficial products.

Quality Assurance

We strive to understand consumers’ desire and to deliver those desires we ensure that every ounce of our products go through multi-level endurance, durability and regression tests to provide a high- quality and a proud product.

Need of the hour

For us, you (the consumers) are our lifeline and we toil to improve upon your feedback, grievances and compliments. We try to perceive from your perspective and try to provide products that resonate with your perception. We are always on the front-foot to deliver quality products.

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