Things You Must Consider While Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Home

Things You Must Consider While Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Home

Moving to a new address or renovating your interiors? As much as you miss the surroundings you grew up in, a newly touched space is the outcome of your hard work and every nook and cranny is an expression of your personality. You might want to decorate that space with fine works of art or souvenirs that take you back in time. From furniture to the color of your curtains, everything talks about you. Before you add fixtures and select color schemes, you need to ensure that your new dwelling is safe, warm and tasteful. If tiles are adorning the walls and floors of your new home, then there are a few aspects you need to consider. Asking the right questions to your tile dealer or interior designer will help you pick the most suitable tile for your space.

Here are a few areas you need to probe into while picking tiles for your spaces:

  1. 1.      What should be the ideal size of a single tile for your space?

Small changes always make a big difference. Likewise, the size of a single tile depends largely on the size of your entire space. If you are choosing tiles for the smaller areas of your house, then you can go for wide and rectangular tiles. You can also try planks tiles with various finishes for flooring. Smaller tiles make the area look busier and compact. Evaluate your space and select patterns, shapes and colors of the tiles accordingly.


  1. 2.      Are they easy to maintain?

Homecoming is where we relax, unwind and get ready for all the challenges to come. It is very important that the environment of your home is always clean and clutter-free. In this fast-paced life, you might not find a time and would prefer wall and flooring material that can be cleaned seamlessly with daily dusting and mopping. Tiles are generally easy to maintain and can sustain the daily exposure to moisture. If you have an active little pet that runs around enthusiastically, then it is important that you select scratch-resistant forever tiles for your floor. These tiles come with the hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, where the diamond is 10.



  1. 3.      What are the safety measures you need to take?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, annually about 235,000 people rush to the hospitals because of injuries suffered in the bathroom. The research interestingly highlights that only 2.2% of injuries occur while getting into the tub or shower, but 9.8% occur while getting out. If there are children or elderly people residing with you then not just bathrooms, but all the areas of your home should provide complete prevention against accidents. While you would want 100% slip resistance in such cases, no flooring option can provide the same. However, tile surface roughness can be improved by various glazes such as Matte-finish Glazes or using an anti-skid range of tiles, which are the best option for bathrooms and slippery areas of your houses. A little care combined with the right choice of the surface can help you select the safest flooring options. 


  1. 4.      What is going to be the usual amount of footfall in the space?

Our homes are charmed all over again when our friends, family and loved ones visit us.  We prepare delicious meals and ensure that our home is spotless. However, it is necessary that we keep in mind the durability of the floor tiles. Areas that have a greater footfall such as living rooms, kitchens and terraces need hard tiles of PEI/Class 3 to sustain the daily wear and tear. If there are areas that have smaller footfall such as bathrooms or bedrooms you can easily go for tiles with PEI / Class 2.


Different locations of your house have different needs and all the aspects ranging from aesthetics to utility need to be considered. Selecting tiles can be a tricky process, but not necessarily with Orientbell tile-experts. Walk into an Orientbell store near you and our tile experts will be able to help you select the most suitable tiles for the different areas of your home.

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