Tiles Vs Marble: What is Better for Your Home?

Tiles Vs Marble: What is Better for Your Home?

One can dislike dilemmas but can't underplay their significance. Pitting one choice against the other and evaluating which one is better, is what helps us take the right pick! Take your home, for instance. When you're putting it together, these dilemmas are what help you filter out bad options and decorate your home with only the good ones. A common dilemma faced by the majority of homeowners is between the naturally opulent marble or subtle tile flooring. The basic difference between the two is their making. While tiles are modified and man-made, marble is carved out of its natural form to sync with your interiors.

In this list, we are exploring various attributes of both materials and help you select what is best for you:

  1. 1.       Which flooring option has more variety and finishes out of the two?

Marble has a distinct personality and its own distinct visual appeal. Long known for its opulence, it instantly elevates the lure of your space. However, different places in your household need a different kind of finishes and colors. Marble floorings with their distinct veining come with a limited amount of hues such as white, black and green. Tiles come with many more colors, prints, designs, and textures.  Marble can have only two finishes. It is either with a polished and glossy finish or the matte finish. Tiles can be polished or have a customized finish that caters to the safety and aesthetic requirements of your space.


  1. 2.       Which one is easier to maintain?

While you are working, cooking or relishing meals in the comfort of your home, there are chances that your floor and walls experience stains and spills. Marble being a natural stone is reactive to chemicals. Vinegar, mustard, citrus or any other common substance used at home can cause stains on a marble flooring due to their high porosity.  An immediate wipe can help you prevent the same, however, it also needs a periodic application of a sealant to protect it from moisture.

Tiles, on the other hand, are easier to maintain. They are not very reactive to chemical-based substances. Their low porosity ensures that you can have a clean and stain-free floor after every wipe.

Nano tiles are special tiles with a layer of silica gel on the tile body, which fills all the Nano and micropores on tile surface making it smoother and shinier, doesn’t let any stains to stay on the tile and can be easily cleaned with a wipe.

 In case of breakage, a replacement of Marble can be difficult to find as veining on every stone is novel and distinct. Tiles, on the other hand, can be easily replaced with their identical alternatives.


  1. 3.       What is more durable?

Different areas in your household are likely to have varying footfall. Due to the moist and dusty Indian winds, the flooring and walls of your home need particular care. Marble maintained and polished timely, it can last up to 20 years, although heavy moisture exposure can develop a yellowish tinge over time. In the tropical climate of the country, it is difficult to prevent moisture.

Tiles can last over a decade and in some cases even beyond that. They can sustain moisture effectively. Durability differs from one type to another and hence you need to select the option which can comfortably sustain the regular amount of footfall. Moreover, tiles can be equipped in the exterior areas of your household. Marble is generally not preferred for outdoor spaces since climate conditions and pollutants can wear out the surface.


  1. 4.       What is more economical?


Marble has an elaborate installation process. In a lot of areas of India, Marble is not available in ready-to-ship condition. Once the order is placed, the marble is cut and grained as per your requirements. This also includes a labor-intensive process of fitting and finishing.

On-sight polishing is another big hassle with marble flooring, which takes more than 2 days itself.

Marble might come at a steep price and will require a significant amount of time and effort for installation.

Tiles, on the other hand, are usually available in ready to ship condition. They can be installed completely in 1.5 working days to lay flooring or wall in a standard-size room. Any on-site polishing is also not required. Price range differs according to your preference, but some elegant tiles can be bought at affordable rates. Tiles can help you save both, time and money.                       




 (-)  Limited Designs and Colors

 (+)  Various Designs /Textures and Colors   available

(-)  On sight polishing is a hassle

 (+)  No on sight polishing

(-)  Expensive

 (+)  Available in affordable prices

(+)  Durable

 (+) Durable

At the final stage of your decision, you need to consider factors such as budget, design requirement, space location, and utility. While Marble offers you great durability, gorgeous veining, swirls and classic interior décor, it may come at a higher price. Tiles might last you over a decade while offering a myriad of design options at a lower installation and maintenance price. Choose wisely!



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