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Bathroom Tiles

Gone are the days when we tried to spend the minimum time in our Bathrooms as they were the tiniest and dingiest of spaces in our dwellings. The contemporary bathrooms are stylish and luxurious where you can actually relax while you do the needful.

Orient has various colors, textures, sizes and finishes for your bathroom.

Size Available

Tiles For Bathroom Orient Bathroom Tiles Bell Bathroom Tiles
Wall Tiles 300*900mm, 300*600mm, 250*375mm, 300*450mm, 200*300mm 300*600mm, 300*450mm, 245*325mm
Floor Tiles 800*800mm, 600*600mm, 300*300mm 600*600mm, 395*395mm, 300*300mm

Visualise Your Bathroom With Our Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles

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