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If you are planning to design or restyle your home interiors and welcome a classy and luxurious look into your spaces, granite tiles are the best choice. These resemble the look and feel of natural granite stone, but come without the hassle of maintaining the actual granite flooring. While granites are usually heavy and difficult to install, these tiles are lightweight and can be installed easily on floors, stairs, and walls too. With a wide range of granite tiles available in different colors, patterns, and finishes at Orientbell, you can select the one that suits your personality and preferences at a reasonable granite tiles price range.

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Bring Class and Beauty to Your Homes with Orientbell’s Granite Tiles

At Orientbell, we offer a plethora of granite tile designs that resonate with actual granites but with additional properties and ease of maintenance. These tiles are primarily double charge vitrified tiles, and hence have very little water absorption whereas granite being a natural stone tends to behave surprisingly and may absorb some moisture which can lead to distortion in its shape. Durability, water-resistance, and scratch-resistance properties make them ideal to be installed in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Also, the double layer of these tiles protects against abrasion and stains, making them ideal for areas with high foot traffic as well.

The major advantage of installing granite tiling is the ease of installation and maintenance. Granite flooring is not only time-consuming but can also burn a hole in your pockets. Also, this natural stone is very sensitive when treated with harsh chemicals, or exposed to spills, scratches, or stains, whereas double charge tiles are acid-resistant and stain proof. These tiles thus can be installed at living spaces, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, and other outdoor spaces as they can maintain their original appearance and finish for years to come. Some of these designs include Canto Almond, Canto Green, Canto Red, Nu Canto Ash, Nu Canto Carbon, Nu Canto Choco, River Smoky, River Red, River Choco, and River blue.

Orientbell offers the best granite tiles prices in India with its extensive collection of granite tiling. These tiles are available in the running size of 600x600mm and a thickness of 8.5-9 mm, which is very low as compared to the stone. Select from an array of luxurious granite tiles from Orientbell at reasonable granite tiles prices and add a touch of royalty and warmth to the interiors and exteriors of your home.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

How do I choose a good granite tile?

There are several factors to consider while choosing the best granite tile. It is always better to opt for tile size depending on the size of your room. So, for smaller rooms, you can go for 600x600 mm ones whereas, for rooms with a larger area, 600x1200 mm can do wonders. Also, make sure to select the perfect color of granite tiling that harmonizes the best with the decor and furniture of your home. Keeping in mind your design preferences, you can decide between grains or continuous veins design available in this category.

Are Marble tiles cheaper than granite tiles?

The price depends on the quality of the stone and body of tiling. High-quality marble tiling usually ranges between INR 60 to INR 200 per sq. feet, whereas the cost of granite tiles made from double charge vitrified tiles, lies between INR 50 to INR 65 per sq. feet. At Orientbell, we offer the best granite tiles prices in India with our wide range of amazing options.

What is the price of granite tiles?

The price of granite tiles can run between INR 50 to INR 65 per sq. feet depending on the quality of the stone, body of the tile along with its size and finish. You can select the best tiling available in different colors, patterns, and designs at Orientbell to revamp your home and other outdoor spaces.

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