Double Charge Tiles

Double charge vitrified tiles are the best choice for both residential and commercial projects. These sturdy and scratch-resistant vitrified tiles can withstand heavy traffic and still maintain the shine for years. Long-lasting, extremely durable, and anti-stain are just some of the features that describe these low-maintenance tiles. With such benefits, double charge tiles apart from residential spaces can be put to use in several commercial places, including hospitals, hotels, and malls. The strength and durability of Orientbell double charge tiles do not only provide a premium look to the flooring of your homes and other places but also offer value for money. Given the premium quality, the double charge tiles price range is incredibly reasonable, making them a perfect choice for redesigning any space.

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Why Choose Orient Bell Double Charge Vitrified Tiles?

Vitrified tiles are made by using a mixture of clay, silica, quartz, and feldspar. Double vitrified tiles are manufactured by infusing two layers of tiles together, which makes them thicker than most standard tiles. The process of vitrification also makes the tile surface stronger and shinier, adding a polished look to space where you install them. There are several double charged vitrified tiles advantages that make them a popular choice, particularly for outdoor and busy areas.

Some of these include moisture-resistance, durability, and easy maintenance. Double charge tiles can be cleaned and maintained conveniently just by your everyday cleaning routine. The double charge tiles rates are also fairly economical to suit every budget. You can pick the perfect double charge tiles design for your home or office to make it what you have always dreamt it to be. These are also the best-fit tiles for places like restaurants, malls, and other corporate places.

These tiles have an upper layer that can easily withstand high wear and tear, while continuing to offer the same shine and aesthetics for years to come. This layer is further supported by a vitrified base body that acts as a strong foundation for the design body. Also, double charge tiles are not the same as digital tiles as the manufacturing process is different for both of them. As the name suggests, digital tiles use a digital printer to make the top design layer. However, in the case of double charge tiles, the top layer is an outcome of the heating of the powdery mixture spread across the vitrified body by feeder machines.

Orient bell double charge tiles are available in a wide range of styles and colors to choose from. Options like Canto white and Tropicana white particularly welcome elegance and magnificence wherever they are installed. You can choose from the one whose color matches that of the moon’s surface (Lara Silver) or the one that is inspired by the Taj Mehal marble (Canto Ocean) or bring your favorite chocolate home with Nu Canto Choco. If you would like to experience the coolness of mountains, then NU Canto Azul is a great choice and for an earthy soil-crust inspired tiling, Canto Almond is the perfect pick. Based on the area where you are installing these tiles, you can choose from five size options at Orientbell- 600x600mm, 800x800mm, 600x1200mm, 800x1200mm and 1000x1000mm.

With such a diverse variety of Orientbell double charge tiles, you will be making a tough decision in picking just one! But we understand the dilemma and that’s why Orient double charge tiles prices are so affordable that you can change the look whenever you want. We say look because these double charge vitrified tiles will give you no other reason to look for new ones.

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