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    Stain Resistant Tiles

    It’s not easy to maintain floor and wall tiles so that they keep looking the way they did on the first day they were installed. The most difficult part is to deal with stains and scratches as these never fade away and can spoil the entire look of any area. You have to be especially careful to avoid stains and scratches and keep them fresh, especially if you have small children. Orientbell recognizes such problems and has come up with a solution for you. It has a range of stain-resistant tiles. As the name suggests, these tiles are stain-resistant, so there will be no stain or mark to deal with as the tiles will remain unaffected even if someone tries to intentionally stain them to test them. These tiles are not just stain-resistant but also scratch-resistant which is again a win-win situation for the buyers.

    Install them and live worry-free for years together. The best part is these tiles come in various designs, patterns, textures and colours, which makes your choice broad and you can easily bring home the tiles of your choice. You can also choose from a range of sizes and materials.

    The tile price is very affordable and pocket-friendly even if these tiles are made with the special kind of coating on them. The tiles are easy to clean and will reduce your effort for a long time to come. Mop the tiles with a cloth and you are sorted. So if you like a clean and tidy look, choose stain-resistant tiles for your home or even areas like restaurants, dining halls and waiting rooms.

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      Get A Clean and Tidy Look with Stain-Resistant Tiles

      Orientbell comes up with different kinds of tiles to cater to the different needs of its customers. All the tiles available at Orientbell are specially designed to reduce the hard work of cleaning and maintaining tiles all the time. Stain-resistant tiles are especially designed to reduce your effort of cleaning and maintaining tiles. However, in doing so, Orientbell has made sure that it doesn’t compromise with the quality and durability of this range of tiles.

      These tiles are stronger than most of the tiles available in the market. How has that been made possible? A special coating applied to these tiles makes them stronger than most others. Also, the material used in these tiles are of superior quality. Orientbell is known to never compromise with either the material of its tiles or the faith of its buyers.

      Stain-resistant tiles can be used anywhere, from your kitchen, study room and dining room to places like restaurants, bars and cafeterias. Though this tile has many specializations, the tile price is very affordable. Orientbell always ensures that it provides the best quality products to its customers at the most affordable price.

      Here are some of the common queries answered for you.

      • 1. What are the materials used in stain-resistant tiles?
        • Stain-resistant tiles are mainly made up of ceramic material with the finishing of matte and gloss. These tiles are specially designed to be stain-resistant. To make it so, a special coating is applied on them.
      • 2. What are the properties of stain-resistant tiles?
        • Stain-resistant tiles are more durable and stronger than any other tile category available in the market. These tiles require almost no maintenance for years together and can be easily mopped or wiped cleaned. Also, these tiles absorb very less moisture and are also scratch-resistant, which are additional advantages.
      • 3. Where can stain-resistant tiles be used?
        • These tiles are good to go anywhere and can be used at multiple places like bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, restaurants, schools and living rooms. The most essential feature of these tiles is that they absorb less moisture which makes them suitable for areas like the bathroom and kitchen.
      • 4. What are the different colours and textures available in stain-resistant tiles?
        • Stain-resistant tiles are available in multiple colours from dark to light, and even monochrome tones. All you need to do is to choose your favourite colour and you will get a wide range of stain-resistant tiles to choose from at Orientbell’s website.

          Also, there are various patterns, designs and textures available in this tile category which gives you a range of options to choose your dream tile from!



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