Sugar Finish Tiles

Having to choose the right tile from countless tile designs and finishes may seem a bit of a challenge. If you are planning to transform your home or commercial areas with unique tiling, sugar finish tiles should be your pick. They are creatively curated to enhance the overall appearance of your living spaces. The sugar tiles are slightly grainy on the surface due to the manufacturing process; thus, it's called sugar tiles. Sugar finish floor tiles typically come in porcelain and vitrified bodies, making them ideal for various areas. Additionally, they possess a stunning matte finish that covers the floors and walls most beautifully. Use them throughout your flooring area or create beautiful borders or demarcations to add a chic flair to your interiors.

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Design or Remodel Your Spaces With Sugar Finish Tiles

Designing or restyling your home, office, or other commercial areas requires a lot of planning. While there are many tiling options readily available in the market, sugar finish tiles can help you achieve a dreamy appearance. The porcelain or vitrified bodies impart strength and durability to the tile. They are incredibly scratch-resistant with the ability to withstand heavy wear and tear and foot traffic while retaining its original appearance. Additionally, they have anti-skid and first resistant properties, making them a perfect choice for high moisture places as well. Thus, they are ideal for living rooms, bathrooms, patios, swimming pool decks, and backyards. You can also install sugar finish floor tiles at commercial places like schools, restaurants, malls, and offices.

Sugar finish wall tiles and floor tiling are available in various colours to choose from. Whether you select vitrified or porcelain tiling, you will get an excellent range of shades and designs to adorn your places just the way you want. Though they are resistant to scratches, they need regular maintenance to last longer. The grainy surface attracts dust and dirt; thus, it becomes important to clean the tiles every once in a while. These are available in 600 x 600 mm, 300 x 600 mm, 300 x 300, 300 x 450, 195 x 1200, and several other tile sizes. You can find an eclectic collection of these tiles at Orientbell in a reasonable sugar finish tiles price range. With a striking appearance and wonderful features, sugar finish wall tiles and flooring can be a great choice while decorating or renovating residential or high traffic places.

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions

What are sugar finish tiles?

Sugar finish floor tiles have a grainy appearance on the surface, making them a unique tiling option for both residential and commercial places. For this sugar effect, different types of granules are mixed in a given ratio and applied on the tile surface through the latest manufacturing technology. They are available in porcelain and vitrified tiles of all sizes. These tiles can be used to decorate the walls as well.

Where can you use sugar finish tiles?

Sugar tiles are made of vitrified and porcelain bodies, which makes them sturdy and durable. Also, they are resistant to scratches, can withstand high footfall, and have anti-skid properties. Owing to these properties, they can be used in various areas. You can use them in living rooms, bathrooms, terraces, patios, gardens, and commercial places like schools, malls, restaurants, and offices.

Are sugar finish tiles expensive?

Compared to matte and glossy finish tiles, sugar finish floor tiles are a bit on the expensive side. Since they are manufactured using the latest technology, they are often more costly than other tile finishes. However, the difference is not much higher. If a box of 4 vitrified tiles (2 x2)MRP is INR 650, sugar tiles price will range between INR 750 - 800 per box.