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    Sugar Finish Tiles

    Sugar finish tiles are the best choice if you’re looking for some really eye-catching tiles to give your space a unique look. Sugar finish tiles come with grainy finish that is applied through a unique manufacturing process. Moreover, the sugar finish tiles price is affordable even though its price is a little higher than that of glossy or matte finish tiles. The distinctive and advanced manufacturing process that is used to make sugar finish tiles is what makes them more expensive than other tiles but they are actually worth every penny. The tile price ranges around Rs 108 per sq. feet. These tiles are mainly available in 600x600 mm size.

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      Sugar Finish Tiles for Balcony Tiles, Accent Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office, Outdoor Area
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      Size 600x600 mm ft

      Sugar Finish Tiles Design

      Transforming the entire look of a place is not an easy task but it can be made easier by choosing the right tiles. Sugar finish tiles can be the best choice if you’re looking for a really high class and suave look. These tiles have a unique grainy surface that makes them the most attractive thing in a room. Moreover, these tiles are resistant to stains and scratches and they don’t even absorb moisture.

      These tiles have the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and can even bear any kind of wear and tear. Not only this, these tiles have anti-skid properties which makes them less slippery and safe for houses where elderly people and children are living.

      Sugar finish floor tiles are an ideal choice for all kinds of places such as living rooms, swimming pool decks, porches, bedrooms, offices, bathrooms and backyards. These tiles are made up of porcelain or vitrified body, which is an assurance that they are one of the most durable tiles available at Orientbell.

      Sugar Finish Tiles Price

      Popular Sugar Finish Tiles Price Range
      Sugar Romero Grey Rs 108 per sq. feet

      Sugar Finish Tiles Size

      Sugar Finish Tiles Size Size in MM
      Regular tiles 600mm x 600mm

      Tile visualizer- TriaLook and Quick Look

      Quick Look and TriaLook are two tile visualizer tools available on Orientbell’s website that can change the buying experience of customers as these tools help visualize any space digitally. Customers can try out various looks before choosing one by using these tools.

      • 1. Where are sugar finish tiles applicable?
        • Sugar finish tiles can be used at multiple places be it a personal space or workspace. These tiles can go with all kinds of places such as a living room, swimming pool deck, backyards, schools, malls, restaurant, garden, bathrooms etc. The main thing is that these tiles have anti-skid properties which make these tiles one of the safest tiles available at Orientbell, especially keeping in mind the safety of children and old aged people.
      • 2. What is the tile price of Orientbell’s sugar finish tiles?
        • These tiles are made through an expensive manufacturing process which makes them a little costlier than any other normal tile available in the market. However, the glossy and matte finish is cheaper than the sugar finish floor tiles but these tiles are even more durable and stronger.
      • 3. What type of sugar finish tiles are available at Orientbell?
        • All the tiles available at Orientbell vary in their own way and are different in terms of their size, colour, texture, design, material, finishes etc. The same way sugar finish tiles are available in a wide range of properties and one of them is- Sugar Romero Grey is one of the sugar finishes vitrified tiles available at Orientbell. This tile comes with the finishing of sugar grainy coating and is made up of the glazed vitrified body. It is very easy to clean this tile and also doesn’t take a lot of time. Moreover, this tile can be used at places like an accent wall, balcony, office, school, restaurant, and even at places with heavy foot traffic. However, this tile doesn’t sustain stains or scratches and doesn’t even absorb moisture or water. It is available in an ideal tile size of 600*600mm which can go with all kinds of places be it a big area or small.


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