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    Carrara Tiles

    Carrara tiles can help you add beauty and grace in your interiors at a very reasonable price. The carrara tiles price range is Rs 48-89 per sq. feet. The stunning Carrara marble tiles are not only affordable but come in different sizes such as 300x300 mm, 300x450 mm, 600x600 mm and 600x1200 mm at Orientbell tiles. Apart from Carrara marble tiles, Carrara white tiles are also very popular among our buyers. Some of the popular varieties of Carrara tiles are SDF Crara Bianco FL, PCG Carrara Venato Marble, SDG Crara Bianco, SDH Crara Tea HL, PGVT Carrara Natura and HLP Level Nebula Beige. These are made of highly durable materials such as ceramic and vitrified.

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      Carrara Tiles for Step Stairs Tiles
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      Size 300x300 mm ft
      Carrara Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Accent Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Automotive Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
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      Size 600x1200 mm ft
      Carrara Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles
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      Size 300x450 mm ft
      Carrara Tiles for Kitchen Tiles
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      Size 300x450 mm ft
      Carrara Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
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      Size 600x600 mm ft
      Carrara Tiles for Bathroom Tiles
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      Size 300x300 mm ft

      Want long-lasting and stylish tiles? Go for Carrara Tiles

      Carrara tiles, also known as Carrera, is a type of marble tile that often comes in white or bluish-grey colours. Carrara marble tiles come from the quarries of Carrara, Italy, which explains the stylish look. Tiles with the Carrara marble effect have the stunning properties of real marble, but you won’t have to worry about the cost or maintenance that is a hurdle in buying the natural stone. They are easy to install and clean.

      Carrara tiles have their origin in Italy and are of top-notch quality. They are well-suited for both floors and walls. These tiles are often used in bathrooms to make them look spacious and pretty at the same time. Carrara bathroom tiles are low water absorbent which keeps leakages at bay. They also do not hold allergens which makes them suitable for bathrooms as well as kitchens. Besides, they help prevent any respiratory problems that may be created otherwise in wet areas.

      They can also be used in outdoor spaces. For example, Carrara subway tiles can be used in various public spaces. Carrara floor tiles will make your space look aesthetic, while creating a timeless look.

      Carrara tiles are available in different patterns and shades but Carrara white tiles are among the most popular. The unique veining patterns makes every variant unique in itself.

      Types of Carrara Tiles

      • Carrara marble tiles
      • Carrara marble effect tiles

      Spaces where you can use Carrara Tiles

      • Carrara bathroom tiles
      • Carrara subway tiles

      Carrara Tiles Price

      These tiles are beautiful and classy and yet are quite affordable, especially when compared to natural marble stone:

      Popular Carrara Tiles Carrara Tiles Price Range
      SDF Crara Bianco FL Rs 48 per sq. feet
      PCG Carrara Venato Marble Rs 64 per sq. feet
      SDG Crara Bianco Rs 50 per sq. feet
      SDH Crara Tea HL Rs 50 per sq. feet
      PGVT Carrara Natura Rs 89 per sq. feet
      HLP Level Nebula Beige Rs 48 per sq. feet

      Carrara Tiles Size

      There are various sizes available but you can choose bigger sizes to make any area look spacious.

      Carrara Tiles Size Size in MM
      Large Tiles 600x1200 mm
      Regular Tiles 600x600 mm
      Small Tiles 300x450 mm
      300x300 mm

      Tile Visualizer - TriaLook and Quick Look

      Orientbell’s TriaLook and Quick Look are two visualizer tools that can be used by customers to visualise their favourite tiles at their place digitally. Try these tools and then you will understand how they make the buying process simple.

      • 1. What are carrara tiles?
        • Carrara tiles are a type of marble tiles. Like other natural stones, each piece of Carrara marble differs from the others in colour, veining, patterns and shades.

          Oreintbell’s range of carrara tiles do not require the high maintenance that real marble tiles do. These are available in plain and mosaic patterns.

      • 2. Where can carrara tiles be used?
        • Using Carrara tiles in bathrooms can make it look elegant and pretty. This kind of marble look is timeless and never goes out of fashion. The tiles can add style to smaller bathrooms. Carrara tiles can also be used in kitchens.

          They are ideal for these two spaces as they are easier to clean and do not hold allergens. This means that the floor or wall will look cleaner and will not contribute to respiratory problems that anyone may have.

      • 3. What kind of carrara tiles are available?
        • Orientbell's SDH Crara Tea HL Tiles are just perfect to give your kitchen walls a modern look. It has a glossy finish which means an easy to clean tile with low maintenance. It comes in various patterns and styles in a number of colors. Orientbell's SDG Crara Bianco Tiles possesses a stunning polished marble finish. It has a classic white-to-grey base. This Italian marble has some stand-out features such as shining grains and striking, smoky veins of black and grey.

          Orientbell's HLP Level Nebula Beige Tile with a metallic finish can give an extraordinary appearance to your bathroom or kitchen. These are the most durable and can be easily maintained.

      • 4. What are the sizes in which carrara tiles are available?
        • Orientbell tiles have a great variety of carrara tiles with different sizes and patterns.

          As carrara tiles have their origin in Italy, they are highly polished and of good quality. They are suitable for both floors and walls.

          Carrara tiles come in standard proportions, but can be customized to fit the look and feel of your home.

      • 5. What are the pros and cons of carrara tiles?
        • You should know some of the pros and cons of carrara tiles before deciding to go for them. The timeless, classic beauty conferred by this natural rock can’t be achieved by using granite or soapstone. The main reason is its beauty.

          It is perfect for kitchens because it is not a good heat conductor and remains cool.

          However, remember that if carrara tiles are exposed to acidic liquids for a long time, scratches may appear on them. In other words, they are not scratch-resistant and may not be ideal for laboratories and other similar spaces. Also, it may be sensitive to knives, pots and pans in the kitchen area.

          However, carrara tiles beautify any space by giving the marble look that you may be craving for at relatively low prices.


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