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    Chequered Tiles

    If you wish to add a striking geometric look to your space, chequered tiles are just the tiles you should opt for. Made using a ceramic material, these tiles are sturdy and long-lasting. Great for use indoors, these tiles can be used to create a striking accent wall for your space. Available in three sizes, 300x600mm, 300x450mm and 250x375mm, these tiles can be used in spaces both big and small. The price of these tiles ranges between Rs. 41 per sq. feet and Rs. 58 per sq. feet. The tiles are available in two finishes – glossy and super glossy - and can add shine to any space they are used in. HWG Wooden Mosaic LT, HWG Wooden Mosaic, SHM Cementum Cube 3D HL, and SHG Triangle Beige HL are the four tiles currently available in Orientbell Tiles’ chequered tiles range. You can opt to purchase the tiles on the Orientbell Tiles website or walk into a store near you. Be sure to check TriaLook, a visualisation tool developed by Orientbell Tiles, to simplify the process of tile selection and buying.

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      Chequered Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Accent Tiles
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      Size 250x375 mm ft
      Chequered Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Accent Tiles
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      Size 250x375 mm ft

      Chequered Wall Tiles - Give Your Space An Elegant Design And Unique Look

      Orientbell Tiles’ chequered tiles can give your space a unique touch. Manufactured using the latest technology, these ceramic wall tiles are sturdy and robust. With low porosity, the tiles absorb very little water and can prevent water-related damage. The tiles are also super easy to clean and often washing or cleaning with a wet cloth can return their shine. The tiles can be used to create striking wall concepts or accent walls in a variety of spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and balconies.

      The chequered pattern of these tiles provides a striking geometric look and can help add some visual depth to your space. The different patterns on a chequered background can further enhance the look of the space. For example, the HWG Wooden Mosaic exudes a warm and inviting vibe, thanks to its wood-like look, while the mosaic-like patterns help create an eye-catching focal point.

      The glossy and super glossy finish of these tiles provides you with a smooth surface that does not attract dust and grime and is easy to clean but also reflects maximum light, brightening up even the darkest of spaces. Add these tiles to your tiny bathrooms and see the difference! The addition of extra light can also help make the space seem bigger than it is.

      Chequered Tiles Price

      Tile Type

      Minimum Price

      Maximum Price

      Chequered Tiles

      Rs. 41 per sq. feet

      Rs. 58 per sq. feet

      Spaces Where You Can Use Chequered Tiles

      1. Bedroom Chequered tiles
      2. Bathroom Chequered tiles
      3. Kitchen Chequered tiles
      4. Chequered tiles for balcony
      5. Chequered accent tiles

      Popular Chequered Tiles

      Popular Chequered Tiles

      Price Range

      HWG Wooden Mosaic LT

      Rs. 41 per sq. feet

      HWG Wooden Mosaic

      Rs. 41 per sq. feet

      SHM Cementum Cube 3D HL

      Rs. 58 per sq. feet

      SHG Triangle Beige HL

      Rs. 50 per sq. feet

       For the best prices, visit your nearest store.

       Chequered Tiles Size

      Chequered Tiles Size

      Size in MM

      Regular Tiles



      Small Tiles


      Chequered Tiles Colours

      The Chequered tiles are available in a variety of colours for you to choose from:-

      1.     Beige Chequered Tiles
      2.     Black Chequered Tiles
      3.     Blue Chequered Tiles
      4.     Brown Chequered Tiles
      5.     Chequered Tiles
      6.     Green Chequered Tiles
      7.     Grey Chequered Tiles
      8.     Wenge Chequered Tiles
      9.     White Chequered Tiles

      FAQs about Chequered Tiles

      • 1. What are the different tile sizes available in chequered tiles?
        • Orientbell Tiles’ chequered tiles are available in 3 different sizes:

          • 300x600mm
          • 300x450mm
          • 250x375mm

          All three sizes are neither too big, nor too small, ensuring easy application in a variety of spaces.

      • 2. What are the finishes used in chequered tiles?
        • The chequered tiles available at Orientbell Tiles come in two finishes – glossy finish and super glossy finish. These tiles come with a shining surface and reflect light (super glossy more than glossy) and can brighten up even the dullest of rooms. They are also very easy to clean due to their smooth surface.
      • 3. What are the features of chequered tiles?
        • The range of chequered tiles available at Orientbell Tiles possesses the following features:

          1. Made using a ceramic material, these tiles are strong and long-lasting.
          2. With an easy-to-clean surface you will not have to spend hours scrubbing out the dirt from the surface of these tiles. A simple mop and some soapy water will suffice.
          3. Unlike other materials, these tiles do not require regular maintenance procedures, such as sealing.
          4. These tiles have low porosity and absorb minimal water – protecting your walls from water-related damage.
      • 4. What type of chequered tiles are available at Orientbell Tiles?
        • Orientbell Tiles has a variety of different chequered tiles available for your consideration. Available in 4 distinct patterns, namely, 3D, geometric, pattern and stylized, you can choose a tile that works well with your colour and design scheme.

      Tile Visualiser: TriaLook

      Confused by the plethora of tiles available in the market? Unable to visualise a tile in your space? Well, do not fret; TriaLook is here to save you the trouble! A visualisation tool crafted by Orientbell Tiles, TriaLook is a tool that can help you see the tiles of your choice, installed in your space, with the click of a few buttons from the comfort of your home. Just select a tile and tap on the “Try in my room” button. All you need to do is upload a picture or use a preset image and let TriaLook work its magic. Within seconds you will have an image that shows how that particular tile looks post-installation. That’s not all; you can also try various tile layouts and see what works best for you. What are you waiting for, try TriaLook today!


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