Floor tiles that speak your style
to suit your steps.
Ready to get floored by the range of premium floor tiles in unbelievable styles, available in wide-range of sizes.
Try N Buy. Get your space designed by experts with your tile choice
Which tile looks best in your room is hard to visualize by just looking at the tiles. Avail TruLook and get your space designed by experts with the tiles selected by you even before you buy.
Keep infections and germs at bay with Germ-Free Tiles
to suit your steps.
With the increasing health concerns around the world, let's take a step forward to make our homes germ-free with a few easy and convenient hacks. Read on to know how these tips can help you to safeguard your family from the perilous bacterias and viruses.
Bring Home Papa-Like protection with Germ-Free Tiles
Germ-free tiles from Orientbell comes with an anti-microbial layer that kill 99% germs and works effectively between cleaning cycles, protecting you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria causing germs.

Latest Tile Collection

Design concepts you can’t take your eyes away from! Check out ambiences made entirely out of Orientbell products to give you a kick-start on your own designs.

Parking Tiles Collection

Timeless – Eternal Elegance

Designed to serve you for years together, these classic designs in stone & concrete finishes come with a breaking strength upwards of 2000N & are acid and alkali resistant.

Digital Ceramic Tiles Collection

Sanskriti Collection

Bring a bit of our culture & heritage to your home with the all new Sanskriti collection.

Bathroom Tiles
Don’t compromise on a place where you find peace
Kitchen Tiles
Kitchen is the heart of the home, let’s help you beautify it
Marble Floor Tiles
Contemporary looking marble tiles for all your spaces
Wooden Floor Tiles
Your favourite shade of wood is here
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