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Established in the 1970s, OrientBell is one of the pioneers in Tile Industry. With over four decades of experience, OrientBell has become one of the largest manufacturers of Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles. Headquartered in Heart of India (New Delhi), OrientBell boasts exponential growth not only in market share but also in technological advancements. OrientBell has 7th largest market share within the organized tile market. With four patented technologies to its name, OrientBell has launched a new generation of Tiles and is continuing to do so. Vision and Experience are two pillars that drives us whilst futuristic thinking and foresightedness allows us to create products that you love. Created with research and crafted with excellence, our products offer high performance, high durability and compelling designs. Concept Selling is the latest initiative by OrientBell where we have launched a chain of exclusive signature showrooms showcasing our product spectrum. The showrooms provide a blended experience of compelling designs, product aesthetics and practical application. At OrientBell, we believe in giving back to the society. We believe that inclusive growth can only be achieved if we initiate to eradicate grass-root problems and provide optimum solution. OBL’s CSR initiative #EkAcchaBhavishya provides a platform to educate our young minds who are deprived of education. With an open mind and with every ounce, we are always in the forefront to push our boundaries and provide world class products with best in class services.

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Patent Pending Technologies

Forever Tiles

are high end products. FOREVER is patent pending technological process of OBL.

Germfree Tiles

is innovative technology from OBL Tiles. It kills more than 99.5% of the disease causing bacteria.

Cool Tiles

have been invented to reflect almost all solar heat back to atmosphere and helps bring the building temp down.

Life Tiles

is an amazing technology that removes smog and poisonous NOx and CO2 which improves living spaces.

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