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    Anti Static Tiles

    The movement of people or objects frequently creates a static charge which can then accumulate on the surface of an object until it finds a way to be released. For instance, liquid flowing past the walls of a canal, walking across a carpet etc. It suddenly discharges as a shock when we touch some object. Mostly, this charge is very low and almost harmless. However, in highly sensitive environments like petrochemical factories, data centres, hospitals, fire-prone areas etc. static charge can be extremely dangerous and fatal. Anti-static tile flooring becomes indispensable for creating a safe space for the workers and visitors.

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      Size 600x600 mm ft

      Anti Static Floor Tiles for Data Centre, Server Rooms, and MRI Rooms

      Anti-static means a thing or a process that controls the generation of the static charge. In highly sensitive areas it is extremely important to control static charge from building and also releasing. For this purpose, anti-static tile flooring is very important, especially to avoid any damages or fatal accidents. Anti-static floor tiles are specially designed for use within sensitive environments, to prevent the build-up of static electricity and reduce its expulsion. Anti-static floor tiles prevent or reduce the accumulation of static charge that builds upon a routine basis in any area. It also transfers the static charge through the floor to the ground. Thereby anti-static tiles avoid any mishaps, shocks or accidents and ensure the safety of all workers and visitors.

      A special patented range of anti-static conductive tiles by Orientbell addresses all the potential threats and concerns arising due to the static charge. Orientbell high-tech anti-static tiles have a charge collector at all the curves of the tile and the conductive grout that collects the charge and passes it to the ground through conductive wires below the tiles. These anti-static floor tiles have been manufactured with precision to meet the critical requirements of sensitive areas, avoid any misfortunes, and also ensure compliance with industrial safety norms.

      For anti-static flooring of any risk-prone area, anti-static tiles are a better choice than the regular vinyl or epoxy flooring on several parameters. Anti-static tiles are chemical resilient and also do not react with moisture or allow water penetration. These tiles are robust and are not affected by compression due to heavy load as it is made from a vitrified base body. Anti-static tiles have better performance than regular vinyl or epoxy floorings as they offer much better conductivity due to the presence of metals in the glaze. Orientbell’s anti-static tiles have a surface electrical resistivity range of 10^4 to 10^5 ohm/square. The anti-static tiles eradicate the static electricity charge from the surface of the tile and release it to earth. Unlike vinyl flooring, anti-static tiles are fire resistant and offer complete safety.

      Anti-static tiles offered by Orientbell to its customers are available in two elegant shades, dark blue and light blue. The distinct shades add variety to the look of the spaces and also make it easy to delineate the areas according to the specific requirements. Orientbell anti-static tiles come in a satin finish, which thereby attracts less dust. According to research, if dust is not removed, it raises the temperature of the instruments and electronic equipment, eventually leading to its failure.

      Orientbell’s anti-static tiles are glazed vitrified tiles and virtually resistant to stains and water, therefore they are very easy to clean and maintain. These anti-static tiles are resistant to abrasion, discolouration and effects of wear and tear, even after years of installation and use. The wear and tear of flooring may lead to the passing of charge and eventually it loses the quality of being anti-static. The Orientbell anti-static tiles are abrasion resilient and therefore give you a solution for the longer term. These tiles considerably reduce the static charge, and the charge still produced is carried away to the electrical grounding thereby ensuring safe working spaces for employees and visitors. Thus, the Orientbell range of anti-static tiles efficiently help in curtailing the static charge hazards, ensure safety norms and at the same time provide excellent aesthetic appeal to your workspace.

      Best Anti-Static Tiles in India

      Anti-static tiles price range

      Orientbell’s best quality, anti-skid, strain and water resistant, and durable anti-static tiles are available in two shades of blue. They are highly functional and available in the most affordable price range.

      Popular Anti-static Tiles Categories Price
      Anti-Static Conductive Blue Dk ?327 per sq. feet
      Anti-Static Conductive Blue L ?327 per sq. feet

      Anti-static Tiles Size

      The most popular size of anti-static tiles:

      Popular Anti-static Tiles Size Size in MM
      Regular Anti-static Tiles 600x600 mm

      Anti-Static Tiles | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered

      • 1. What are anti-static tiles?
        • Anti-static tiles offer safety in spaces that experience static charges. These tiles control the generation of static charges and transfer them to the ground using conductive wires. Orientbell Tiles’ anti-static tiles can be used in data centres, server rooms and MRI rooms.
      • 2. Why do you need anti-static flooring?
        • Anti-static flooring provides a safe working environment in offices, hospitals and other places with heavy static charges. These tiles prevent the generation of these charges and prevent accidents due to the generation of electricity or charges.
      • 3. Are ceramic tiles anti-static?
        • Orientbell Tiles uses glazed vitrified material in the production of anti-static tiles. Vitrified tile bodies are among the strongest and provide a strong base to these anti-static tiles. Ceramic is also a durable material but it is not as strong as vitrified material.
      • 4. What do anti-static tiles do?
        • Anti-static tiles prevent any kind of static charge from flowing on the floor and also transfer it to the ground to prevent any kind of mishap.

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