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    Metallic Tiles

    Orientbell’s metallic tiles can easily add an up-to-date and fresh look to any space. Metallic tiles are almost as affordable as other normal tiles available in the market despite the plush look. The tile price ranges around Rs 83 per sq. feet. Moreover, these tiles are available in different sizes such as 600x600mm and 600x1200mm. Metallic tiles have a reflective exterior that gives a shining and classy look to any place. You can choose among bright silver, brass, gold and rich bronze colours to provide your place with a designer look. Some of the popular varieties of metallic finish tiles available at Orientbell include DGVT Milano Brown, Rocker Jungi Cotto and Rocker Jungi Metal Blue.

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      Metallic Tiles for Step Stairs Tiles
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      Size 300x300 mm ft
      Metallic Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Balcony Tiles, Accent Tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Office Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant
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      Size 600x600 mm ft

      Metallic Tiles Design - A Premium Feel you Desire

      Orientbell’s metallic tiles are available in a wide variety of shades and designs and can easily give a chic look to any space. These steel tiles have a highly reflective surface which makes the place appear more spacious and larger than it normally is! These tiles are made by infusing real metal into ceramic or porcelain material tiles. Glass mosaic infused with metallic hues and porcelain can also be used as far as the flooring is concerned.

      Metal wall tiles can be wiped clean very easily by simply using a wet mop or cloth. These tiles are so easy to maintain that you won’t have to waste your precious time or hard-earned money regularly to make them look fresh and vibrant. Moreover, metal floor tiles do not absorb moisture and are one of the most long-lasting and eye-catching options available at Orientbell. Metallic tiles or metal mosaic tiles are very easy to install, clean and maintain. These tiles are durable as well as stylish so they combine the best of both worlds when it comes to tiling!

      Places where Metallic Tiles can be used

      1. Metallic Tiles Bathroom
      2. Metal Ceiling Tiles
      3. Metallic Kitchen Tiles

      Metallic Tiles Price

      Here are the prices for various tile options in the metallic range:

      Popular Metallic Tiles Metallic Tiles Price Range
      DGVT Milano Brown Rs 83 per sq. feet
      Rocker Jungi Cotto Rs 119 per sq. feet
      Rocker Jungi Metal Blue Rs 119 per sq. feet

      Metallic Tiles Sizes

      You can choose among various metallic tile sizes. They are primarily available in regular and large sizes.

      Metallic Tiles Size Size in MM
      Large tiles 600x1200mm
      Regular tiles 600x600mm

      Tile Visualizer- Quick Look and TriaLook

      Orientbell’s Quick Look and TriaLook are two tile visualizer tools that help the customers visualize their tiles at their place even before purchasing and installing them. All they need to do is upload the image of their room and try out the tiles digitally.

      • 1. Where are metallic tiles applicable? Can these tiles be used in the bathrooms?
        • Matte finish tiles can be used at various places be it your personal space or commercial. You can lay down this tile in your living room, bedroom, restaurant, bar, office, school etc. Just because these tiles are infused with metallic hues, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use these tiles in your bathroom area or kitchen area, it all depends on you and your imagination.

          These tiles have a thick coating which makes them resistant to water and corrosion. You can easily use these tiles in your bathroom including your shower area, basin backsplashes and in your kitchen area etc.

      • 2. What are the materials used in the production of metallic tiles?
        • These tiles are made from a glazed vitrified body along with a design digitally imprinted on the tile surface. These tiles come with the finishing of rocker, reactive or glint to give a metallic final touch to them.
      • 3. What is the tile price of metallic tiles?
        • Though stainless steel tiles look costly as these are infused with metallic hues, yet these tiles in spite of being slightly more expensive than the normal tiles are still quite affordable and not exorbitant. You can get these tiles at the price of around INR 119/sq.ft or INR 1278/sq.metre.
      • 4. What type of metallic tiles are available at Orientbell?
        • Orientbell’s Rocker Jungi Metal Blue is one of the most beautiful metal wall tiles that can be installed at your accent wall, restaurant, your bedroom, living room or even at those places which witness heavy footfall. These tiles can be used as wall and floor tiles and are highly resistant to stains and scratches. You can get this tile in a standard tile size of 600*1200mm. Moreover, this tile is made from a vitrified body that means it is one of the most durable tiles available at Orientbell.

          DGVT Milano Brown is another metallic tile available at Orientbell. This tile comes in the size of 600*600mm and can be used as wall tiles and floor tiles at your accent wall, commercial space, restaurant, living room, outdoor area etc. You cannot get such an amazing and beautiful tile at such a good price. Moreover, this tile doesn’t absorb moisture and can be cleaned very easily just by using a wet mop or cloth.


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