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    Inspire Safegrip

    Elevate your spaces with the perfect blend of safety and style! GVT Anti-Skid tiles in the popular 600x600 size, designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. 

    With excellent anti-slip properties rated at R11, these tiles ensure safety, providing stability and grip even in damp or slippery conditions. These tiles have a smooth surface, further enhancing their appeal and usability in various settings. Made with glazed vitrified material, these tiles are available in matte, stain-resistant surfaces that are not only pleasing to the touch but also gives a sophisticated look. Some of the popular tiles in this category are DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Grey LT, DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Grey DK, DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Creama, and DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Brown.

    So, whether you're planning a luxury bathroom retreat, upgrading your kitchen, or revamping outdoor spaces like swimming pool decks, balconies, roofs, terraces, and parking lots, our GVT Anti-Skid tiles are here to elevate every corner of your home or commercial space.

    Popular GVT Anti-skid Tiles Design

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      Inspire Safegrip for Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Balcony Tiles
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      Size 600x600 mm ft
      Inspire Safegrip for Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Balcony Tiles
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      Size 600x600 mm ft
      Inspire Safegrip for Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Balcony Tiles
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      Size 600x600 mm ft
      Inspire Safegrip for Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Balcony Tiles
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      Size 600x600 mm ft

      Anti-skid Tile Sizes with Prices

      Browse our extensive selection of sizes and prices to discover the anti-skid tile for your space, combining practicality and style. 

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      GVT Anti-skid Tiles


      Rs 89 per sq. feet

      Latest GVT Anti-skid Tiles Design Images

      With the DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Grey LT anti-skid tiles, you can turn your dull space into stylish and safe havens. These 600x600mm cement-inspired tiles are incredibly slip-resistant and do not even compromise on style, making them ideal for creating a sophisticated bathroom area.

      No need to worry about those grumpy and damp kitchen floors! Now, you can enter your kitchen with unflinching confidence. Say thanks to the DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Creama anti-skid tiles. With their sturdy 600x600mm dimensions and eye-catching cement-inspired design with matte finish, these tiles provide unmatched slip resistance, ensuring your stability and safety. 

      Looking for a unique option that goes beyond the ordinary? Try the DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Brown anti-skid tiles. These tiles not only enhance your terrace area but are also perfect for outdoor areas, and commercial spaces. With their rugged yet refined appearance, they seamlessly blend style with safety, offering durability and charm wherever they're installed. because they offer unmatched safety and elegance. Their even finish provides a stable surface in areas with heavy foot activity.

      Embrace the timeless beauty of DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Grey DK tiles, with their matte finish and cool grey tones creating a tranquil and refined atmosphere for your bathroom floor. They not only add visual interest but also provides superior traction, making them ideal for high-moisture areas like balconies, kitchens, roofs, commercial spaces, and outdoor areas. These dark grey, cement-style tiles provide a contemporary touch of elegance to any area. 


      • 1. Where can we use the GVT Anti-Skid Tiles?
        • The GVT anti-skid tiles offer great grip and safety, making them excellent options for areas with high footfall and moisture. Their matte finish also provides effective benefits in wet or slippery spaces, especially bathrooms, where slips and falls are common. Additionally, you can use them on patios, balconies, parking lots, pool floors, and rooftops.
      • 2. What is the Anti-Slip rating of GVT Anti-Skid?
        • With an R11 rating (which showcases the level of slip resistance in the tiles), the GVT Anti-Skid tiles are one of the best floorings for wet and slippery areas. These tiles provide a secure walking surface because their anti-slip grade lowers the possibility of slips and falls.
      • 3. What types of finishes are used in Anti-skid tiles?
        • The GVT anti-skid tiles come with a matte finish that offers a smooth, low-sheen finish that exudes a stylish, contemporary appearance. This finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it. Due to this, it hides even the minimalist flaws, making it a low-maintenance tile.

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