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    Limestone Tiles

    Upgrading indoors and outdoors of your home is a basic need to spruce up your living space. Natural stones are extensively used for revamping existing and building new spaces. When it comes to having a panache presence at minimal costs, look no further than limestone tiles. A natural and pleasant flooring option for creating an urbane atmosphere in your home. Limestone tile’s muffled tones and countless styles, create an elegant, timeless, and charming look for any room. Admirers of the earthy charisma of natural stone can find their heart’s desire with these tiles. Read on to know more about elegant limestone tiles!

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      Limestone Tiles for Kitchen Tiles
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      Size 300x450 mm ft
      Limestone Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Accent Tiles, Office Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office, Outdoor Area
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      Size 600x1200 mm ft
      Limestone Tiles for Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Accent Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Automotive Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
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      Size 600x1200 mm ft

      Redefined your space with Limestone Tiles Design

      Excavated from north and south Indian limestone quarries, colourful limestone tiles are processed and shaped professionally. With loads of chemical and physical properties, limestone is an outstanding construction material as it can cope with harsh melting conditions and freezing temperatures. Although it is used for floor tiles, yet the use of limestone tiles over walls is on the rise. Limestone tiles deliver a rustic, and timeless ambience to any space. From natural green to deepest black and from wannabe pink to electric grey, no matter which colour or pattern of limestone tile you choose, its earthy charm will give your space a modern yet traditional look. A long list of limestone tile colours and patterns at Orientbell, give natural stone admirers an ample choice for uplifting their spaces, as it can beautifully fuse with any décor or colour scheme you already have. Orientbell’s limestone tile collection includes many unique colours, designs, and patterns. You will find an extensive array of beautiful natural limestone colour tones from bright to dusky, in matchless design patterns. These limestone tiles are simply identical with contemporary yet timeless style, and chic look. You can choose from traditional and sturdy limestone floor and wall tiles in a range of finishes, from refined to plunged offerings and more.

      Another great benefit of limestone tiles is that it often adds value to your home because it is a long-lasting and luxurious material. From subtle texture to anti-climate capability and from permanency to colour uniformity, there are lots of features that make limestone tiles fit for landscape designing.

      Limestone tiles offer a welcoming advent to your space with their naturally striking shades of browns to beiges and from whites to tans. Limestone tiles are so versatile and vibrant that you can design a traditional yet fashionable home, entrance area, accent wall, bathroom, kitchen, staircases or living area with the soft rivalling of limestone. This neutral backdrop creates all-over calmness and allows other design elements to shine without opposing focal points.

      Limestone Wall Tiles

      The warmness that limestone wall tiles add to your heart creates an inimitable gathering place for the family. Soft patterning and toned-down neutral colours are liable for the natural ambience this stone offers. You can use limestone tile on the bathroom, kitchen, splashbacks, fireplace or living area walls to make your house feel like a home.

      Limestone Floor Tiles

      Limestone floor tiles offer a combination of pattern and tone for the busy areas of your home that is unbeatable. A classic limestone tile will stay stunning for decades. You can always consider these timeless limestone tiles in high-traffic areas that call for a touch of extra style.

      Natural limestone in neutral colours always stands the test of time. Orientbell’s collection of limestone tiles bonds a palette of organic tones in different sizes for wall coverings and floors from extra-large slabs to mosaics in unifying trim. We offer naturally stunning shades of limestone from browns to beiges and from whites to tans which will give a welcoming appearance to your space.

      Limestone Tiles Price

      Orientbell all-new decorative series of limestone tiles will transform any floor or wall into a plush and pleasing work of art. The collection of limestone tiles, in eye-catching colours and designs, is also durable, robust and most affordable. The price range for the most popular limestone tiles available at Orientbell is as follows:

      Popular Limestone Tiles Categories Price
      DGVT Limestone Beige ?99 per sq. feet
      ODH Tea Leaf HL ?53 per sq. feet

      Limestone Tiles Size

      Limestone tiles are available at Orientbell in the following most popular size:

      Popular Limestone Tiles Size Size in MM
      Regular Limestone Tile Sizes 600x1200 mm

      Tile Visualizer - TriaLook & Quick Look

      Visualise your favourite limestone tiles at your place before purchasing, from Orientbell collection, using the interactive tool, Tile Visualizer. It will easily and without hassle help you to find the perfect limestone tiles for your space.

      • 1. Is limestone tile expensive?
        • These tiles are affordable; the price range of these tiles starts around Rs 53 per sq. feet.Limestone tiles not just give an artistic and natural look to a place but also do not put any burden on the buyer’s pocket.
      • 2. Is limestone tile durable?
        • Limestone is an outstanding construction material when it comes to tiles, as they are durable and can prove to be solid fixtures. Orientbell Tiles provide world-class quality to ensure that their products last longer.
      • 3. Is limestone a good flooring material?
        • The natural properties of limestone make it a wonderful option for flooring, but then it also requires a lot of maintenance. Orientbell Tiles’ limestone tiles solve the problem of maintenance while retaining the durability aspect. If you are looking for strong flooring, which you should as it’s not everyday that you can change the floors of your area, then limestone tiles fit the bill.
      • 4. Does limestone tile need to be sealed?
        • Limestone is more porous and to prevent the water from flowing through it, limestone tiles need to be sealed properly. This will prevent leakage or damage due to excessive moisture.


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