Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions are best answered by our tiles experts at signature company showrooms, stores and customer support. Locate your nearest store by using the store locator. Meanwhile, read answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.
Can you let me know the tiles prices?
Tile prices are subject to various reasons like; type of tile (ceramic / GVT / Double Charge), sizes of the tiles and region to name a few. We have filtered tiles basis price on the website. As per your requirements you can select tiles’ pricing from High to Low or Low to High.
Let me know Orientbell tile shops near me?
Orientbell tiles has 2500+ outlets pan India and 9 flagship stores also known as Orientbell Tile Boutiques. You can view your nearest dealer or Orientbell Tile Boutique from our store locator
Which tiles are best for bathroom? Also let me know the trending & latest bathroom tiles.
Wide range of wall concepts for bathrooms are available with us. Best suited are highlighter tiles with a matching base tile for walls. It is suggested to use matte tile with ceramic or porcelain body as the water absorption is minimal. These tiles are generally slip-resistant and anti-skid. You can check bathroom concepts here
Which tiles are best for kitchen? Also let me know the trending & latest kitchen tiles.
Tiles that are easy to clean and maintain are ideal for kitchen walls. Wall tiles in the kitchen specially the backsplash area can have highlighter tiles which not just look good but are easy to clean. The kitchen floor can have multiple kinds of tiles like Double Charge, Matte finish to name a few. Check out most popular kitchen tiles here.
What is better between Marble vs Marble Tiles?
While marble slabs come in various shades and of different quality, they are not always easy to maintain and requires care. Marble tiles on the other hand our manufactured with same marble look and come in various shades, finishes and sizes at much competitive prices. Not just this marble tiles are easy to clean and maintain. You can view premium marble time collection here.



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