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What areVitrified Tiles?

Vitrified tiles are also made from clay, but they have additional ingredients, like silica, quartz, and feldspar. When these ingredients cook inside a kiln, they melt and form a glass substrate throughout the tile. This glass addition makes vitrified tiles very strong and smooth, with far fewer pores in their surfaces than ceramic tiles.


Where Can Vitrified Tiles Be Used?

As these tiles are strong, water resistant and stain resistant, many builders, architects, interior designers and consumers choose to use these tiles. These tiles can withstand more than granite or marble without using their functionality or appearance. These tiles also resist scratches and discoloration. One can purchase these tiles for various uses, flooring (living room, bedroom, dining area, kitchen), wall coverings and decor etc are the areas where vitrified tiles are used.


Benefits of Orient Bell Vitrified Tiles:

  • There are distinctively many advantages of the vitrified tile as a prime element for flooring and dados, compared to many other options available in the market. Vitrified tiles are machine-made products, therefore greater consistency in sizes, shades and thickness, against variable sizes and shades of natural materials such as marble, stone, cement tiles and so on.

  • Vitrified tiles need practically no setting time, therefore, they are quick to use after they are laid. Mosaic, cement or marble stone tiles need 48 to 76 hours to set before they can be polished. Vitrified tiles have another advantage - they are pre-polished and do not need polishing on site, which is generally a time-consuming and messy affair. Such tiles could also be used on the floor of a large banquet hall to the dado of a small bathroom. Thus, the user applicability is versatile, since it is produced in a variety of colours and sizes to suit a particular requirement.
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