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 About 17101 Plain Ivory

There's nothing like a white floor if you're looking to shift the focus on walls, furniture and other elements of the room. White flooring not only looks elegant and minimalistic, it creates the illusion of heightened space in constricted areas. The 17101 Plain Ivory tiles, available in the convenient size of 300x300mm, have gone through the process of vitrification, giving them durability. These tiles have a high tolerance for foot traffic, making them the perfect choice for commercial spaces such as offices, lobby areas, hospitals, malls, showrooms, boutiques, lobby areas, reception areas, corridors, and parking areas. These tiles also absorb very little water and can be cleaned easily. If you are looking for a neutral shade for your kitchen or bathroom, this is the tile of your dreams. Its low porosity will keep water damage at bay and the easy to clean surface will ensure you do not need to spend hours scrubbing the tile clean. 

Other Details

Size 300x300

Tiles Per Box 10

Number of Faces 1

Factory West Zone

Recommended Laying Pattern Brick Pattern, Random Pattern, Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern

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