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17301 Capsule Ivory


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7301 Capsule Ivory

This light, capsule-textured tile is a brilliant addition to outdoor spaces, making any space look bigger and brighter. This 300x300mm vitrified tile is highly resilient and has low porosity. As a result, this tile can withstand high traffic and is also easy to clean and maintain. These tiles are optimum at protecting the underlying surface from water damage and all water-related problems like scaling, dampness, mildew etc. They remain unscathed in high humidity conditions and can tolerate the scorching sun. The unmatched functionality of 17301 Capsule Ivory tiles make them perfect for sidewalks or parking areas, as the matte finish increases friction and reduces slippage, this prevents a lot of accidents. Use them in your balconies, driveways, garden pathways, porches, swimming pools, or in any outdoor area that witnesses heavy footfalls. This gorgeous tile can also be paired with other tiles to create mesmerising floor patterns.

Other Details

Size 300x300

Tiles Per Box 10

Number of Faces 1

Factory West Zone

Recommended Laying Pattern Brick Pattern, Random Pattern, Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern

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