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About 17401 Coin Ivory

17401 Coin Ivory is a beautiful ivory-coloured outdoor tile that provides a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The light colour reflects light beautifully and makes any area look bigger and brighter.  Due to the process of vitrification, this 300x300mm tile can withstand high levels of foot traffic and physical impacts. The low porosity and low water absorbency protects the tile from water related damage such as dampness that can aid the growth of mildew and mould. The easy to clean surface of the tile can be often cleaned using a mop or running water, and requires minimal maintenance. The matte finish gives the tile a bold look and doesn’t get slippery when wet - preventing slips and accidents. As a result of all these benefits, these tiles can be installed in a large variety of spaces, such as parking lots, restaurants, bars, driveways, sidewalks, boutiques, warehouses, showrooms, porches, decks, hospitals, and any other area that is exposed to high footfall.

Other Details

Size 300x300

Tiles Per Box 10

Number of Faces 1

Factory West Zone

Recommended Laying Pattern Brick Pattern, Random Pattern, Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern

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