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About 17403 Coin Terracotta

The earthy, burnt-brick colour of this tile effortlessly adds a rustic appeal to your space. Being a classic reddish-brown colour, this tile brings out bright colours and looks spectacular with greenery, making it very suitable for use on pathways in gardens and terraces. The 300x300mm size is compact and can snugly fit anywhere. These vitrified tiles are strong and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them ideal for use in commercial spaces, parking lots, godowns, schools, hospitals, restaurants and bars, as they provide a great blend of beauty and functionality. The 17403 Coin Terracotta tiles are also very low in porosity and water absorbency. This quality is crucial in keeping the tile safe from water-related problems, making them suitable for use even in swimming pools! The matte finished surface gives the tile a bold and rustic look and helps prevent slips and accidents. The matte finish also provides added safety as it doesn't get slippery when wet.

Other Details

Size 300x300

Tiles Per Box 10

Number of Faces 1

Factory West Zone

Recommended Laying Pattern Brick Pattern, Random Pattern, Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern

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