Bring home the best designs nature has to offer with Inspire Vitrified Range
Make designs from Italy, Spain and Australia a part of your home with our Inspire Vitrified range and re-define class.
Now Unlock Style with New Designs
~200 new designs to adorn your residential and commercial spaces like never before.
Perfect Wall Tiles for your Home
Get ready to style your spaces with our latest Estilo range of tiles. Inspired by European designs, these tiles are a perfect match for your walls. Available in both Matte and Glossy finish!
Mesmerizing Range of High-Gloss Tiles
Adorn your spaces with high-gloss germfree tiles crafted for lovers of bold and bright colors. These germfree tiles kill 99% germs on contact.
Elegant Designs - Inspired from Nature
Style your spaces with Inspire range of tiles and bring in the best that nature has to offer from Statuario of Italy to Sand Stones of Australia.

New Tiles Design & Collection

Design concepts you can’t take your eyes away from! Check out ambiences made entirely out of Orientbell products to give you a kick-start on your own designs.

Sparkle Series Glossy Tiles Collection

Sparkle Series Tiles

So glossy, your walls will love it! Shine on with the new range of exquisite hi-gloss wall tiles ready to adorn your spaces like never before.

Wooden Plank Tiles Collection

Wooden Planks Tiles Collection

Adorn your spaces with wooden planks for that perfect wooden finish inspired by nature crafted for you. Now let your floor do all the talking!

Bathroom Tiles
Don’t compromise on a place where you find peace
Kitchen Tiles
Kitchen is the heart of the home, let’s help you beautify it
Marble Floor Tiles
Contemporary looking marble tiles for all your spaces
Wooden Floor Tiles
Your favourite shade of wood is here
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