Full Body Vitrified Tiles

High footfall areas like commercial spaces and living rooms require full body vitrified tiles. Orientbell full body tiles possess great strength and scratch-resistance, making them a perfect fit for busy and outdoor areas. Lesser joints, moisture resistance, a more homogenous look, and the best-fit for sunlight exposed areas- these are just some of the features that describe our full body vitrified tiles. Now you know how to get those stunning looking full body tiles in your garden, patio, or roadside. You could want to move on to a new colour or design but they won’t wear out.

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Full Body Vitrified Tiles Are A Perfect Match For Wonderful Flooring

Full body vitrified tiles are a great choice for both interiors and exteriors as well as for places with high foot traffic. These high-quality tiles are manufactured through a vitrification process, which makes them less porous, more durable, and consistent in sizes and shades. The pigment that runs through the entire thickness of the tiles gives them a uniform and homogenous look, making scratches, stains, and chips less visible. The original hues of these full body tiles do not fade away when exposed to sunlight. Now you know how to get those stunning looking tiles in your garden, patio, or roadside. You could want to move on to a new color or design but they won’t wear out. Yes, you might feel that guilt trip getting on to you when you change the tiles despite them being in perfect condition.

Among the different types of tiles, full body vitrified tiles or rectified tiles are the most flexible with a diversity of applications, both at personal and commercial places. Orientbell is one of the most trusted full body vitrified tiles manufacturers in India with a wide range of designs in various colors and shades. Orinetbell’s full body vitrified tiles price range is extremely economical- just another reason to choose these wonderful tiles for your home or office. Full body tiles with their numerous advantages and applications are the best choice to design or renovate an outdoor or busy space. Did we mention it? They look much cleaner given the significantly lower number of joints- thanks to their size.

You can now sunbathe in that gorgeous terrace of yours knowing that the vitrified full body tiles that you chose are going to be there for years (well, decades) to follow.

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