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GFT BDM Urban Metal Brown


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About GFT BDM Urban Metal Brown

For those who enjoy the modern, grunge or industrial aesthetic, GFT BDM Urban Metal Brown has a brown, grey and blue look with a cement feel. The digitally imprinted, matte-finish tile has a 'germ-free' surface, that is, it prevents fights and kills 99% of the harmful disease-causing germs that come in contact with its surface. This property works well between mopping cycles and is ideal for spaces where a high degree of safety is needed, like schools, hospitals and kitchens. Made of forever material, this tile has longevity and resilience. It is available in 600x600 mm size, which allows for easy installation in a variety of spaces. Aside from being easy to maintain, ceramic tiles, such as this, are also low in porosity, making them suitable for use in wet zones. They can be cleaned without requiring special care—simple soap water and a mop are enough for regular upkeep. Their hard-wearing nature makes these tiles suitable for areas that see a lot of footfall, such as commercial offices, shops, bars, restaurants, automotive areas and outdoor areas. The darker tones of this tile will complement lighter tiles and furniture, if used in an accent wall concept.

Other Details

Size 600x600

Tiles Per Box 4

Number of Faces 4

Factory Dora

Recommended Laying Pattern Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern

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