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As a foreign exchange earner or a global player, Indian Tile industry has captured the attention of the world in the ceramic tiles segment. Ceramic tiles as a product segment has grown to a sizeable chunk today at approximately 680 Millions Square meters production per annum. With a growth rate of approximately 15% p.a. and investments of over INR 5000 crores (in the last five years), the scope for business in the Tiles Industry is pretty high. To add to these figures, India ranks amongst the top 3 countries in terms of tile production.
The industry also enjoys the unique distinction of being highly indigenous with an abundance of raw materials, technical skills, infrastructural facilities despite being fairly capital intensive. A total of over 5,50,000 people are employed in the sector. Out of this, 50,000 people are directly employed and 5,00,000 are indirectly associated. The potential is huge considering the per capita consumption of ceramic tiles in India.
With a low penetration and high scope of business, this is an industry you need to look out for!

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Trust: In the last four decades, by garnering experience, love and loyalty of our customers, Orientbell has become one of the largest manufacturers of Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles. We have 3000+ outlets and 150+ Orientbell Tile Boutiques spanning across the nation. With 40+ years of experience in the industry, Orientbell’s trust factor will enhance your value, equip you with latest technology and expand your customer base.

Customer Support: Associating with Orientbell will bring in the additional support for your customer by our experts. From answering their queries to delivering products customised according to their preference, Orientbell will have your back forever.

Customer Base: With a big name, comes a huge customer base and you can tap into it as well by joining your hands with us.

Incentives: Here’s the most exciting part! Becoming a dealer with us will give you opportunities to earn amazing rewards for yourself. From international trips to massive commissions, we will keep you surprised throughout the journey.

Latest Technology: With Orientbell, you will also get access to latest technology through applications like `SameLook`, ‘Quick Look’ and ‘TrueLook’. These applications will help you visualise and deliver customised products and services to your customers.

• Trust: Endorse the trust of Orientbell and increase footfall

• Sales: Shoot up sales and widen your customer base

• Support: Support in building display and branding

• Rewards: Commissions on achieving sales targets

• Perks: Special perks like international trips and gold coins

• Latest Technology: Access to latest applications like `SameLook`, ‘Quick Look’ & ‘TrueLook’

There are two ways to join hands with us,

• Become a dealer: Stock Orientbell products at your shop/store

• Become an Orientbell Tile Boutique: Dealers with certain amount of volume working with Orientbell.

• Prominent location of the store

• Financial track with Orientbell for last one year on due clearances as well as stocking capacities

• Dedicated space agreement

• Distance from the nearest existing Orientbell Tile Boutique