Every Indian household, be it small or big, has a serene and calm space for pooja and meditation where family members can forget about all their worries and dedicate time to worshiping god.

Pooja room is considered the most sacred room in the house, and so it should be designed keeping in mind the ease of maintenance and cleaning. The tiles used in designing the room should be classic and elegant with simple and minimal patterns. Not only that, but it must also have stunning elements to let you feel at peace while you are in there.

Modern Pooja Room Tile Designs

Let’s explore some modern pooja room tile designs with Orientbell Tiles to add an aesthetically pleasing element to the room effortlessly.

Marble-Looking Pooja Room Tiles

Marble is typically the foremost choice for everyone when it involves the pooja room tiles, but they’re highly porous and so, are quite high maintenance. Fret no, now we have a wide range of tiles which look exactly like marble but are much more durable and require much less maintenance. These tiles are water- and germ-resistant making them long-lasting and durable.

Patterned Vitrified Pooja Room Tiles

Vitrified tiles are very easy to take care of and are quite ‘dazzling’. The patterned design and soft hues of blue, brown, and beige will make your small pooja room look more spacious. If you do not wish to put vitrified tiles in the whole room, install them in the centre of the pooja room in a way that they form a statement wall or corner. This will make the room visually appealing.

Wooden Pooja Room Tiles

Rustic wood in any part of the house, be it a living room or pooja room, always adds warmth and gives an earthy vibe. But opting for natural wooden planks might have its own hassles. As a solution, there are other alternatives available in the market now. You can find various engineered wood options in Orientbell’s catalog. These tiles are highly durable and require low maintenance. Just because you’re choosing engineered wood tiles doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the authentic rustic look of wood. These traditional pooja room tiles will beautifully segregate the pooja room from the whole house.

Ceramic Pooja Room Tiles

Pooja rooms signify positivity, peace, and tranquility. A soft-hued ceramic tile can act as a beautiful background to the place of worship. The calming prints and glossy ceramic finish bring in the calmness and a surreal feeling while praying. You can opt for darker prints if you have larger space and need to make it more private and cozy.

You can check out Orientbell’s Sanskriti range that are a perfect fit for your pooja rooms

Here are a couple of tips that you should follow to maintain the pooja room and take care of its cleanliness and functionality:

  • The pooja room should have a serene and calm ambiance, therefore there shouldn’t be any clutter that may disturb the calmness.
  • This sacred space should have separation from the other rooms of the house, especially when it connects to a social or common space.
  • The lighting in the room should also complement its quaint and tranquil vibe. Hence, make sure the lighting is not too dark or too dull; it should be well-lit all the time.
  • Just keep what is necessary and eliminate the extra stuff.
  • The idols within the room should be proportional to the dimensions of the pooja room. If the pooja room is big, choose big statues and if the space is comparatively small, choose small idols.
  • Lastly, make sure that the placement of the idols is according to the guidelines of the pooja room’s vastu shastra.