Canto Beige - Marble Double Charge Vitrified Floor Tiles

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Living Room Floor Tiles
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Canto Beige - Marble Double Charge Vitrified Floor Tiles
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  • Tile Material: Double Charge, Vitrified
  • Finish: Glossy Finish
  • Applicable Spaces: Automotive, Bar/Restaurant, Bedroom, Commercial/Office, Dining Room, High Traffic, Hospitality, Living Room
  • Can be used for: Floor Tiles
  • Tile Size: 600x600 mm
  • MRP : INR 74/sq.ft or INR 799/sq. metre (incl. of all taxes)i
About Canto Beige

Softer hues like beige have been dominating domestic spaces for years. Canto Beige is a popular color in double charge vitrified tiles owing to its fine color and amazing properties. Double charge vitrified tiles are manufactured by pressing two layers of tiles together. The design is penetrated into the tile surface upto 3-4 mm thick which makes them harder and more durable than other categories of tiles. They are carefully crafted and designed to suit all kinds of spaces and interiors. You can either lay them as it is, or combine them with different patterns, and shades to infuse a dash of color in your home. Canto Beige double charge tiles are ideal for both the walls and floors of your home as they are highly durable, less porous, resistant to scratches and stains. They can be washed or clean within no time just by your regular cleaning routine. They can withstand heavy foot traffic while retaining their finish and appearance, which is why they are the best choice for flooring at commercial places like hospitals, restaurants, offices, and other corporate areas. The glossy finish of Canto Beige tiles is guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests as soon as they enter your home.

Tile Specification
Size 600x600
Tiles per Box 4
Number of Faces 1
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Canto Beige - Marble Double Charge Vitrified Floor Tiles

We recommend accounting for an additional 10% wastage due to any accidental damage that might occur or when tiles have to be cut around the edges of the room.

Wall Floor
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tip-icon If there are large obstructions in the wall such as doors and windows, multiply the width by the height of the obstruction then subtract that from the total area you need to tile.

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