At OBL, our firm belief is:

  • - Transparency garners trust
  • - Compassion garners unconditional partnership
  • - Precision garners optimum results

OBL’s success journey from scratch to an industry forefront is dedicated to transparency, compassion and precision it maintains in delivering products, providing communication and gathering feedback.
The resultant strong character allows us to be more confident and enthused in creating unique product ranges and attributes.


At OBL, we take pride in our products. The pride is the result of:

  • - Consistent Research to manufacture world class tiles
  • - Rigorous Tests to provide high value products
  • - Effective Services to provide customer satisfaction

The resultant quality products infuses our growth, future of our employees and high benchmark of products.


At OBL, we believe that customers are Prima Facie. It allows us to:

  • - Engage customers at every level
  • - Provide all round services
  • - Analyze Customer’s ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’

Thereby, throttling Innovative Product Solutions, Exponential Trust and Increased Organization Value 


The rapidly changing, growing and competitive tile industry requires us to be:

  • - Flexibile to adapt and innovate concurrently for our customers and business alike.
  • - Sensible to deliver the right products at the right time.
  • - Entrepreneural to make a difference.

It provides high performance, empowered workforce and improved productivity.


Our commitments are carved in stone and we strive to:

  • - Maintain Strong & Healthy relationship with our partners
  • - Invite insights and active engagements from our partners
  • - Maintain transparency to grow with our partners.


Deliverance and Performance are like hand in gloves. At OBL, we:

  • - Own what we commit and improve upon what we deliver
  • - Emphasize employee growth for Customer’s satisfaction & OBLs performance
  • - Envision better productivity with visionary business goals.
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