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DGVT Barca Grey


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Deciding on the kind of tiles you'll acquire for your chosen space is a big decision. It would be best if you kept in mind a lot of things like furniture, tone, shade, light, and the color of the walls and the ceiling. DGVT Barca Grey is light in shade and style and compliments their surrounding color of walls and furniture. These 600*600mm tiles have an external matte finish, which aids in the cleaning process of these tiles. These tiles can be cleaned using simple cloth or mop in a single go because of their finish, and hence dirt can't stay long on those tiles. These tiles can be used in your house, office, restaurant, bars, balcony, hospitality areas, and schools. Digital glazed vitrified, highly durable to tampering, and with a sturdy body, these tiles are nothing short of the ideal. These tiles are easy to maintain and can be coordinated with other tiles if need be.

Other Details

Size 600x600

Tiles Per Box 4

Number of Faces 3

Factory Sikandrabad

Recommended Laying Pattern Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern

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