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DGVT Cemento Crema

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Our recommendation for your drawings

Give us a photograph with measurements or a drawing of your space. Our in-house experts would design your space with tiles and share the same through email.

DGVT Cemento Crema

Orientbell’s DGVT Cemento Crema floor tiles are a reliable, alluring tile choice for anybody looking for a stylish household. These rectified tiles will look dazzling all through the home, particularly in open kitchens and living areas. Cemento crema floor tiles have a glazed finish, which offers a lovely base for most tastes and plans. With a sophisticated, polished finish, they look amazing with various wall colors. These tiles are best suited for accent walls, bathroom floors, bedrooms, living room spaces, bars, restaurants, schools, and outdoor areas. This tile can be wiped, cleaned, or even washed right away without degrading the finish. They can be laid in various patterns or can be clubbed or facilitated with multiple hues and colors to draw out the imagination of the space. Once applied, they keep on enhancing your spaces for quite a long time to come. The quality and ground-breaking style remain unparalleled.

Other Details
Tiles per Box 4
Number of Faces 4
Recommended Laying Pattern Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern
Tile Calculator

Here are the details for the tiles of your choice.

Wall Floor
DGVT Cemento Crema

We recommend accounting for an additional 10% wastage due to any accidental damage that might occur or when tiles have to be cut around the edges of the room.

Wall Floor
Yes No
Wall 1

tip-icon If there are large obstructions in the wall such as doors and windows, multiply the width by the height of the obstruction then subtract that from the total area you need to tile.

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