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Orientbell Tiles: India’s Leading Tile Manufacturers and Exporters

Quality and innovation have been the trademark of Orientbell Tiles since our inception 45 years ago. Over the decades, we have become one of the largest, most trusted manufacturers and top tile exporters of Ceramic and Vitrified tiles in India. Our commitment to excellence and use of advanced technology has led us to be one of the earliest in the industry to get the ISO 50001(Energy Management System), ISO 9001 (Quality management), ISO 14001(Environmental Management), ISI and OHSAS certifications.

We have more than 3000+ tiles including ceramic & vitrified tiles for floor and wall to choose from, each with unmatched aesthetics and application. Choose from wall and floor tiles in Ceramic, polished and glazed vitrified or double charged tiles, not to mention our own unique Hoskote tiles. With our premium range of products suited for international aesthetics, Orientbell Tiles is now a noteworthy, top tile exporter brand not just in India but across the world. (We export to more than 50 countries).

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What Makes Orientbell Tiles Unique

Strategically located 3 Self Owned and 2 JV* factories.

State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that meet international standards.

Production capacity of 33.9+ Million square metres per annum

Geared to service all key markets in India and abroad with high quality assurance.

3000+ Innovative product range

Wide range of product designs in eight-plus finishes and 12+ sizes available.

Quality Assurance

Top-class Quality Management Systems in place: ISO 9001:2000, IS 15622:2006 and CE.

Industry-first sustainable manufacturing process

Environment-friendly, sustainable techniques of manufacturing at our factory. ISO 50001(Energy Management System)reflects our commitment to keep reducing energy consumption year-on-year.

2500+ Channel partners across India

A well distributed network comprising of channel partners and exclusive OBL boutiques.

Strong Presence on Social Media

Leading Tile Industry thought leadership through videos and articles

Why partner with us

Trust built over decades:
Orientbell tiles has earned the trust and goodwill in the Indian tile business for more than 45 years. Even as we evolve with the technological advancements of the decade, we retain this trust factor from our clientele.
Transparency and Ethical approach:
Our no-compromise approach in product quality and commitment to ethics has stood the test of time. Our production process, quality checks and even packaging are transparent processes.
Sustainable Manufacturing Approach:
We are a purpose-led brand and embrace sustainability as one of our core values. Our factory at Hoskote in Karnataka uses a unique dry manufacturing technique that consumes less water than others in the industry and actually puts back more water into the environment than used. In all three manufacturing plants, we recycle 100% of the process waste and discharge zero-waste water. Infact, at all our plants, we ensure that we consume less energy every year!

Certifications and Awards


Product Excellence

At Orientbell, we pride ourselves on our constant drive for innovation and excellence in product quality. Our manufacturing units use cutting-edge technology to bring out products that meet international standards. All our products go through an intense cycle of quality checks - five levels - to make sure we meet the durability and aesthetic demands of our customers. We are committed to producing and exporting tiles of high quality.


Five-level Product Quality Check

Packaging Excellence

Packaging is a key area in the tiles industry that helps minimise breakage and makes transport efficient. We take pride in our packaging excellence, especially when it comes to export consignments.

Individual pallets of tiles are vertically stacked together in cartons with strong straps to avoid transit breaks.

The cartons are then wrapped further in packing material that prevents moisture and dirt getting into the boxes.

The pallets are loaded into the container in a way that there is no movement and breakage during the transit. Fumigating the consignment is done to keep it safe from moisture-led fungus formation.

Neatly labelled cartons arrive in perfect condition at the location!

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