24 Aug, 2022
Orientbell Tiles Launches ‘Sahara Double Body Tiles’

Orientbell Tiles have recently extended their portfolio of vitrified tiles with a new range of glossy tiles with dual layers, i.e ‘Sahara Double Body Tiles’. This range in 600x600 mm tile size comes with 6 shades to deliver desired aesthetics. The colour palette includes Ivory, Gris, Creama, Beige, Nero and Carbon.

Boasting a tasteful glossy finish, the tiles give a high-class look to accent interiors and exteriors as well. Similar to its predecessor the Full Body Tile, the 3-4 mm thick design layer gives the tiles long-lasting aesthetics and highlights the modern look of the space, while the supporting layer provides strength and makes it more affordable than the Full Body Tile. With a host of versatile uses and applications, be it a commercial space, or a residential bathroom, kitchen, pathway, hospital or airway, these tiles require lesser maintenance due to their durability and are relatively easier to keep clean. 

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